4 Unusual SEO Marketing Tactics That Work

Let’s face it: thousands of websites will tell you the best SEO practices to use for your website. Most will tell you stuff that you already know, and few will give you any pointers on how to hit the SEO jackpot. At least, not without throwing a few grand at them!

If you’re someone that enjoys experimenting with different ideas, this blog post is for you. There are some unusual SEO marketing tactics that you can use for your content. The best thing about them is they’ll help you to increase targeted traffic to your website significantly.

4 Unusual SEO Marketing Tactics That Work

4 Unusual SEO Marketing Tactics That Work

1. Stalk Wikipedia content for broken links

There’s no denying that Wikipedia contains a lot of content on virtually any subject you can think of right now. But, did you know that many pages on Wikipedia that link to external sites do so to broken links?

Here’s how you can use Wikipedia broken link building to your advantage:

    1. Identify broken links relevant to similar content on your website;
    2. Use the WayBack Machine to view the content from a broken link;
    3. Replicate that content to a page on your site and edit the Wikipedia link to point to your page instead of the broken link.

2. Create compelling infographics

Infographics are amazing ways to present data to people without boring them to death. They help to make data more visual, easier to digest, and, of course, more compelling. Irrespective of your industry, you can create infographics that relate to it and your business.

What’s more, infographics are easy to share on social media and even on other people’s websites and blogs. If your graphic design skills are poor, consider using an SEO marketing services company to create your infographics for you.

3. Use heatmaps to improve your CTAs

All websites want you to do something. That “something” might be to download a PDF, place an order, or simply read blog content. Those are CTAs or “call to actions” and they are vital for getting your desired results.

If your CTAs don’t seem to offer much success, you can use heatmaps to determine visitor behavior. Heatmaps offer a visual representation of data on your website. In this case, you can use heatmaps to see exactly where people are clicking on your website.

You might discover that people are clicking or tapping on the wrong page elements. They may even stop reading your content after a certain paragraph. Heatmaps are straightforward to set up on your web page content and offer you an excellent way to analyze visitor behavior.

4. Publish relevant content on your blog

You might be wondering how publishing relevant content on your blog is an “unusual” marketing tactic? Well, the sad truth is that many website owners typically post spam on their blog posts!

Website visitors – humans, not robots – will only read content that is relevant to them. If they aren’t reading your blog posts, it’s because you aren’t posting anything relevant to your audience. When you publish content that is relevant and valuable to your audience, they will take action. This could mean that your bounce rate decreases, more readers stick around longer, and if your pages are internally linked correctly, they will read multiple pages on your site. Relevant content will make your site sticky, thereby boosting your SEO.

If that is happening to you, it’s time you took a step back to reassess your audience and learn more about them. Once you’re armed with that information, only then can you curate relevant content on your blog.

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