These Marketing Trends Can Damage Your Business

You don’t have to look too far to see several marketing trends and tips that promise business owners an opportunity to attract potential clients and rake in big money. But if you think every marketing strategy will work for your business, think again. Some marketing strategies and trends can do your business more harm than good, from overcrowded hashtags and annoying ad pop-ups to fake bots and click baits.

While social media offers massive marketing potential, it can also sink your marketing goals if you get caught up in the wrong trends. So, are you looking for effective marketing tips that will boost your brand and attract customers? If so, you may want to stay clear of the following trends and strategies.

Marketing Tips And Trends That Can Damage Your Business

These Marketing Trends Can Damage Your Business

Joining a social cause or movement you don’t believe in.

The modern consumer is becoming increasingly complicated by the day. For instance, many consumers prefer to do business with brands or companies that share their beliefs or social causes. A good example is the current wave of climate change and sustainability activism. More and more people are looking to do business only with brands that identify with the movement. Although environmental sustainability is the way to go, you do not want to pretend that your business operations are sustainable to attract customers.

Known as corporate greenwashing, this type of marketing strategy will quickly backfire in an age where consumers can easily dig into the behind-the-scenes activities of businesses. And greenwashing can easily send your brand crashing. On the other hand, subscribing to the wrong social movement (that is, a movement your target audience stands against) can prove detrimental for your business.

Working with influencers just because of the number of followers they have.

Some online influencers have managed to attract millions of followers, and, understandably, you want your brand to gain an audience with many potential clients. But not every influencer will help your business grow just because they have the numbers you want. There are already some major examples of how badly this massive online marketing force can harm businesses.

While they may have a large following, some influencers may not be ideal for your brand if they don’t portray the image your target audience wants to see. Also, if an influencer lacks a genuine passion for your brand or products, the target audience will perceive that lack of authenticity, which can hurt your brand.

Picking the wrong marketing agency.

The rise of marketing agencies is a testament to how efficient they are in taking brands from one level to another. The competition in the business world is becoming fierce by the day as businesses clamor for the same customer audience. This has prompted companies to become more intentional with their marketing efforts and strategies.

Marketing agencies have come in to help businesses and take the burden of marketing off their shoulders. In most cases, this has yielded positive results. But just like influencers, picking the wrong marketing agency can also harm your business. For example, if you opt for an agency that proposes a one-size-fits-all solution to your marketing needs, that should be a sign that you’re headed in the wrong direction. That’s because different business goals require different marketing strategies.

You might also want to stay away from SEO or marketing agencies that promise number one rankings on search engines within a short period. It takes a good amount of time and tweaking to rank high on popular search engines in an organic way. It is always best to partner with marketing agencies with a reliable track record of proven success or works with those that can develop unique or bespoke SEO strategies specially for your business needs. A perfect example is Digital Marketing Service Pro, who are experts in providing professional SEO services.

Always jumping onto a new trend bandwagon.

Not every marketing trend that pops up is going to apply to your brand or target audience. It may rake in the numbers for other businesses, but necessarily yours. The key to trend success lies in audience research. That means taking the time to find out how your target audience is reacting to the trend.

It is important to know the demographic of your target audience so you can pick the right trends that appeal to them. Another option is to gauge the reaction of your target audience to the same marketing strategy from competing businesses. Find out from social media what they think about it before adopting it.

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