21st Century Marketing Trends You Can’t Afford to Ignore

No matter what part of the business world you look at, you’ll see that it is always evolving. From manufacturing to the working week to interacting with customers, there is always something new happening and processes that you can improve.

The problem many businesses encounter, though, is not being at the forefront of this evolution, and instead of leading the way, they need to play catch-up. One area that always needs your attention is your marketing; otherwise, why would people buy what you’re selling?

The challenge for today’s business owner is that marketing changes on a daily basis. At least it seems this way! Throw in technological innovations, and you have a never-ending evolution of marketing practices to learn and use. Marketing trends shift and change so quickly, however, these are a handful of the predicted trends of the future.

21st Century Marketing Trends You Can’t Afford to Ignore

21st Century Marketing Trends You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Predicting Intent

Demographics and the marketing funnel are fast becoming a thing of the past. Instead, they will be replaced by companies predicting the intent of the customer. When combining this new method with the benefit and cost of SEO, you manage to become closer to your customers’ ideas, allowing you to know what they need before they do.

There are existing examples of predicting intent already. For example, you may offer similar or complementary products based on what a customer has already purchased. Or, you may use artificial intelligence to create an idea of what the customer wants, and market these services to them. Not everyone is taking advantage of this, though, so do everything you can to be in front.

Spreading The Influence

Once upon a time, traditional media celebrities were able to influence the population’s spending and cultural habits. Now you see social media influencers appearing out of nowhere to offer services and becoming celebrities in their own right. This is just the way the world is today, even if you don’t quite understand it.

However, instead of grumbling and wondering why anyone cares, you can use these influencers to show off your product or service. Think amplification and social proof. This is the power of today’s influencer; he or she can amplify your marketing message and provide the social proof you are looking for to appeal to your audience. Marketers must face up to the reality and power of what social media can do for the business, so embrace influencer marketing for your benefit.

Being Vocal

Devices like the Google Home have made it easier than ever to control your life without having to get off the sofa, which is why businesses should look to embrace voice marketing as soon as they can.

According to a study taken in 2017, 62% of US users used their Smart Home companion to make purchases, and this is an industry that will reach $40 billion by 2022. In time, there will be more reliance on vocalizing needs, so investing in creating or adopting a sophisticated AI system to analyze customer voices can increase sales by suggesting similar services or locating what you need in an instant.

Knowing the Person Behind the Customer

Customers are more than a commodity, and brands fail to market to them properly because they do not understand the proper connections. If your business wants to compete in the future, then it pays to ditch superficiality and get to know your customers.

You can do this by engaging with them and providing experiences. As the current generation moves away from material things, you can, too, and instead give them something to remember. From live engagement and interactions, to surveys and pop-ups, there are more than enough ways for today’s business owner to get to know more about the person making the purchase.

Brands that are growing and thriving today are making a conscious effort to get to know their customer, to provide the products and services that are desired. No longer is it enough to create a product and push it on the consumer; today’s savvy shopper wants to know “what’s in it for me?“. When you know the person behind the customer, you can create the products and services that she wants.

Partner With Agencies

The digital world is full of web applications and open-source software. This is excellent news if you’re a startup and you’re finding your feet in the marketplace. It allows you to experiment with software solutions and infrastructure models before you invest in dedicated services. That said, dedicated services are a notable future trend.

Eventually, you will have the infrastructure you need to take your business in the right direction. But why wait?

For example, if you’re an industrial supplier, why spend time experimenting with various business models that end up with a partner in the end? Instead, partner with an industrial marketing agency from the start, and you can reduce inefficiencies and obtain your business goals faster.

The Future is Now

Or, if not now, then certainly right around the corner. Instead of realizing the trends that have passed you by, consider the next stage in the evolution of marketing, and lead the pack for a change.

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