Participants Share A Few AHA Moments from List-a-Palooza

List-a-Palooza is an e-mail list building challenge by PJ Van Hulle to see how rapidly you can grow your e-mail list. You may have read my earlier post about the benefits of participating in List-a-Palooza, including weekly training calls, accountability check ins, and Power Hours. If you want to build a responsive and profitable email list, you’ll definitely want to join us, for FREE!

If you want to learn how to rapidly build your email list, join me! Click here to register.

As part of our challenge, we have weekly Power Hours where we go online, to a specific social media platform, and share offers, network, ask each other questions and such.

During one of the Facebook “Power Hours” I posed a question to my fellow participants:

What was a big AHA moment, concept or idea
you learned so far from the challenge?

Don’t just take my word for how awesome List-a-Palooza is! Here are some of the AHA’s shared from my fellow participants:

I loved Jenneth Blackert’s tip on turning some of the individual interviews from a telesummit into their individual opt-in gifts. I’m implementing that one now! ~ PJ Van Hulle, Creator and Host of List-a-Palozoa

Listapalooza 90 Day Challenge

Asking these questions (on Facebook) and then sharing and boosting the post has been a great move. ~ Jane Coddington

I decided to try a telesummit. I’m in the process of scheduling for the first one. I’m excited and scared. ~ Cathy Ortel Severson

Growing a list is like growing anything – a bit of sunshine, water and care work wonders! ~ Cat Williford

I like Brad Martineau’s “Unpack Your Brain” system. My brain is always exploding with ideas and sometimes I get ahead of myself… ok, a lot of the time! But by using his “They do” and “I do” chart, it forces me to think everything through step-by-step. ~ Marty’s Arnold

My biggest AHA it to say yes – to myself. I can schedule a program or say yes to a speaking request and then work out the other details. Waiting to perfect all the details before scheduling anything does not help me at all. ~ Halls of Healing

We’re all having major breakthroughs by participating in List-a-Palooza!

There’s still time to register for free!

While I always have encouraged being in awareness of your self-knowledge, it is the creation of the community, and tribe to this that has struck the biggest chord, not just having the one on one relationships. ~ Author Sharita

You need to get into motion and STAY in motion. ~ Lorie Roberts

For me, it’s been the power of Twitter for my business and building my brand. I finally got that this is an important medium to become proficient in. ~ Kathleen Locke

Like much else in business, building a list is work – and needs to start with good foundations, a strategy, appropriate tools and probably a lot of support. ~ Intellicraft Research, LLC

Together, much can be accomplished. ~ Savvy Dog Online

Making some incredible connections and exploring new projects and partnerships. ~ Gary Loper

Pretty amazing, huh?

List-a-Palooza 90 Day Challenge
There is still time to learn how to rapidly build your list! Click here to register.

For me, one of the many benefits to participating in List-a-Palooza has been joining an active tribe of dedicated entrepreneurs, a super-supportive community. I wanted you to hear about the awesomeness that is List-a-Palooza straight from the community!

Don’t worry about missing earlier content! You can buy the entire List-a-Palooza series at an extreme discount while the challenge is still going on. That means you can get a whole package of training calls, numerous freebies from the speakers, plus worksheets and guides. You’ll be able to catch up on all the content on your own time!

If you want to join us, now is the time! Click here to register for free!

After listening to the very first call I was sold! I knew I couldn’t afford to miss a  minute of the expert wisdom shared so I purchased the List-a-Palooza kit.  It was obvious this was going to be one heck of a challenge! I have loved every minute of  the training and connecting with my fellow List-a-Paloozans. My brain has been challenged all summer long, and I’m getting so much accomplished!

I want to give a BIG THANK YOU to PJ Van Hulle for hosting all of us during List-a-Palooza, and a BIG THANK YOU to the participants for sharing your AHA’s with me so I could share them with my blog readers!

Miss Kemya 


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  • PJ is an extremely wise woman that is just as magnificent teacher as she is host of great guests speaker teachers that enjoy sharing their wisdom of fantastic list and business building information! Whew!!! It’s so much that I can’t contain it all!

    • I completely agree Tony, PJ has really WOWED us all with List-a-Palooza! And it’s actually fun, I know I’ll be using the information I’ve learned for years to come. Thanks for stopping by!

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