Rock Your Email List This Summer With List-a-Palooza

If you haven’t heard about Listapalooza yet, allow me to introduce you!  List-a-Palooza is an e-mail list building challenge by PJ Van Hulle to see how rapidly you can grow your e-mail list.

Why join Listapalooza?

With a profitable e-mail list you can:

  • Fill your seminars and programs
  • Attract more clients and sales
  • Turn current clients into repeat clients
  • Promote other peoples’ programs that you believe in and earn $1,000’s in affiliate commissions
Click the pic to join List-a-Palooza for FREE and start building a massive email list!


During the 90 Day email list building challenge, you will:

  • Receive weekly accountability check ins for tracking your results so that you accelerate your path to more subscribers (and more sales!)
  • Get access to TWO training calls each week with some of the world’s top List-Building Experts to share their hottest strategies and tactics with you for massively growing your list.
  • Be invited to participate in a weekly “Power Hour” in which we all get online together at the same time to implement ONE specific list-building tactic.


Why focus specifically on building your email list in the age of social media?

I’m glad you asked! I know, so many people talk about email marketing being dead. They couldn’t be further from the truth!

Just think about email marketing in comparison to social media.

Sure, people can click like or follow all day long, but that’s not giving you invited access to their personal space outside of social media.

Your fans and followers may or may not see your social media updates, after all, social media moves at the speed of light.

A person that opts in to your email list wants to hear what you have to say, outside of the clutter of their social media timeline.

Your subscribers are inviting you into their inbox, their precious personal space.  They want to be sure they don’t miss your news, your updates, etc.

So don’t believe the “email marketing is dead hype” – email marketing is still thriving! Just take a look at an earlier post Email Marketing Is Alive and Well, which includes a handy infographic describing ROI and best practices.


Still deciding if the List-a-Palooza list building challenge is for you?

If your email list is already overflowing with people hanging onto your every word and buying every product and service you offer, this challenge IS NOT for you.

If your business is experiencing such explosive growth that you can’t possibly grow any larger, this challenge IS NOT for you.

If you are an expert on everything related to marketing your offerings, packaging and automating your products and services,  this challenge IS NOT for you.

If you’re comfortable where you are right now and you have zero interest in growth, this challenge IS NOT for you.


For everyone else who wants to

  • build their email list,
  • learn from industry experts on a wide variety of topics,
  • network with action-taking entrepreneurs,
  • find strategic partners and affiliates,
  • develop systems that allow you to work less hours for more money, and

build a responsive email list this summer, register for free here and I’ll meet you on the next call! The List-a-Palooza 90 day list building challenge runs through August. The sooner you join the challenge, the more value you’ll receive, all free! Click here to get FREE access:

Miss Kemya


PS – The links above are my affiliate links. Yes, I think List-a-Palooza is so awesome that, upon listening  to the first couple of calls, I signed up as an affiliate. I continue to be impressed by the content, experts, and support of the List-a-Palooza community! Join us here:


Join me on May 26th for a complimentary webinar!

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