Mailchimp: The Best Resource for Beginner Email Marketers

According to the DMA Marketer Tracker 2019, email marketing offers an ROI of over $50 for every $1 spent. Therefore, it is not hard to see why thousands of digital marketing companies around the world are looking to invest in good email marketing strategies. But as a beginner in the marketing space, you might not know where you should start crafting your strategy.

Fortunately, MailChimp offers all of the benefits you could need from a marketing service. And if you still need convincing, here are a few benefits to using MailChimp’s service for your email marketing.

Mailchimp: The Best Resource for Beginner Email Marketers

Mailchimp The Best Resource for Beginner Email Marketers

A Short Introduction To MailChimp

MailChimp is an all in one marketing firm dedicated to giving small businesses the leverage they need to participate in the market. They offer a variety of services to help satisfy your online marketing needs, but they specialize in email marketing.

They have worked with over 12 million companies to help build their online presence. Some of their best partners include East Fork, Fader, Sweat, and Chronicle Books. While their list of clients doesn’t feature any big names, they pride themselves on helping out smaller businesses.

With over 250 app integrations, they offer automated tools to improve engagement with your audience. They offer social media marketing, audience segmentation, A/B testing, and a content studio where you can save your images. But what we want to focus on are the tools that they offer you to grow a business.

Benefits Of Working With MailChimp

MailChimp has been in the industry for over 20 years, starting all the way back in 2001. So it is safe to say that they have seen the market grow into what it is. And for every revolution that came with marketing strategies throughout the years, they have been at the forefront of implementing them. Here are some benefits of working with a veteran of the industry.

Easy to Understand UI

You don’t need to be an omnipotent tech wizard to craft and send the right emails to the right people. Time is money for a marketer, and you want to craft and send as many emails as you can in a day. But that will only be possible with an easy to understand interface.

MailChimp’s user interface is easy to understand even for people who are not particularly tech savvy. You can quickly and effectively go through all of the menus and settings to design and write a good email.

Audience Segmentation Made Easy

Understanding your audience better is the ultimate goal of any marketing strategy. By understanding them better, you can start breaking them down into multiple segments. And now you can see what sort of marketing techniques each segment responds to best.

MailChimp allows you to segment your audience into a variety of subgroups. Whether you want to distinguish between age, gender, history, product usage, or loyalty, you can do it all with MailChimp. They even use automation to automatically create these demographics for you.

Automatic Updates to Different Categories

Other than sending the right emails to specific people, the service should also be able to change categories depending on the individuals’ history and current status. For example, there should be a different email for people who have bought products, people who have something in their cart, and people who have not bought anything yet.

Through behavioral targeting, MailChimp can start to categorize people based on their activities. It will track statistics such as their app activity, purchasing behaviors and much more. And depending on which category they meet, MailChimp will send them different emails.

Third-party Integrations

It only makes sense that companies will work with each other to help create a more intertwined and detailed service. With good third-party integration, you can have a wealth of features added to your app.

The third-party features that MailChimp allows can help create a personalized experience. They have over 250 integrations, which include Shopware, Stripe, and Drupal. They also have Zendesk Activity, which offers a complete overview of customer engagement. You can even add LiveChat to your app, to stay in touch with your customers.

What To Expect When Using MailChimp For Email Marketing

Keeping the benefits aside, here is what you can expect when using MailChimp for email marketing.

Customize Purchase Paths for Your Customers

The interface really starts to shine in this section, as you can craft detailed purchase paths with ease. Simply drag and drop one of the three rules of If/Else, Wait, and Delay to set the next course of action. If customers follow the recommended procedure or if they don’t, you can customize their paths accordingly.

Sending Scheduled Emails

Scheduling your emails is not necessarily a difficult task, but MailChimp just made everything so much more optimized. Through their send time optimization features, you can decide on when to send your emails. You could send them at a dedicated time, or you could let MailChimp send it according to their time zone.

This service also optimizes send times using algorithms, where it knows the perfect time to send the email for maximum engagement.

Transaction Emails Always Go On Time

Finally, when clients complete a certain action, they will receive transactional emails. They will be able to find out about their most recent purchases or how their account is doing. It can also show you how many emails it has sent, as well as how many customers have clicked or opened their emails. You can use these metrics to gauge if you are getting the attention of your customers.

Final Thoughts

If you have just started your journey as an email marketer, then you need a service like MailChimp. Their incredible attention to detail and proper use of analytics allows you to have a service designed for you. Furthermore, their multitude of other marketing options means that it is the complete package and offers everything that you would need.

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