How To Give Your Blog A Makeover

Blogging has been around for a long time now and more and more individuals and businesses are joining the blogging landscape. As such the look and feel of a traditional blog has moved on too. Blogs are no longer a single page website with diary style entries listed chronologically.

Blogs are multi-functional websites with shopping facilities, videos, interactive maps, and more. You name, and a blog can have it. So if your blog has been standing around in the blogosphere for several years, it may be time to freshen it up. Not only will this improve the aesthetics and useability, an updated revitalized blog will also help to improve your traffic.

So why put it off any longer? Here are some ways you can give your blog a makeover.

How To Give Your Blog A Makeover

How to give your blog a makeover

Give your blog a new theme.

If you run and manage your own blog, one of the easiest ways to freshen up your theme is to replace it, using a pre-built theme template. This removes the complicated aspects of coding and website building and allows you to use a pre-existing model. These templates usually come in multiple formats, so you can edit and adjust them so they suit your style and branding.

They also offer incredibly sophisticated tools and will allow you to integrate e-commerce, video content, social media feeds and much more. Another great thing about themes is that they can be relatively inexpensive to purchase and easy to set up and maintain.

Change your hosting provider.

If you find your website is slowing down under the volume of traffic, or you are not getting the support you need from your host to maintain your blog and its functionality, it might be worth considering whether it is time to change hosting providers.

A good hosting provider will be able to assist you with the intricacies of updating your blog and ensuring it performs in the way you want and need it to. If you are not getting this from your host it might be time to migrate to one that will. If you are considering migrating your website then visit Nestify. Nestify specializes in WordPress hosting and will migrate your blog for you, taking the stress out of the whole process.

Update old blog posts.

Updating old blog posts is an easy way to freshen up your blog. Updating and modifying blog posts will make them more relevant and appealing to readers. More importantly, repurposing old content will help improve your blog posts SERPs results.

Google likes fresh, updated and relevant content and will favor it when ranking relevant web pages on its search engine. Therefore, updating existing blog posts, by improving images and making them more time relevant for readers, will not only make your website more relevant for users but will make it more favorable for Google also. Another top tip when doing this is to be sure to check for broken links. Again this will improve reader experience and your ranking on search engines.

Final Thoughts

Giving your blog a makeover doesn’t have to be an overnight project, particularly if you have hundreds of blog posts like I do here. Pick and choose the specific ways you want to freshen up your blog, and work on repurposing a few blog posts each week. And be sure to share those updated posts with your audience. Your “old” content may be “new” to your latest followers and fans!

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