Get More Traffic and Blog Comments During Blog Commentathon Summer 2016

How would you like to get a massive traffic spike and more blog comments on the next post you publish?

Are you wanting more traffic and interaction on your blog?

Well, we have just the thing to help you… and it’s going to be fun, too!

Introducing the Comment Carousel, a Blog Commentathon for Entrepreneurs!

Blog comments matter! Nothing feels as good as knowing someone is reading (or viewing) your blog post, enjoys your content, and leaves you a comment telling you so.

We’re going ’round and ’round to each other’s blogs starting July 11, 2016. For seven days, we’ll be blog hopping, reading and leaving comments, and sharing each other’s blog posts.

Get Blog Comments During Blog Commentathon

Get more traffic and blog comments on your next post!

Join us for this week-long blog commentathon event! It’s easy to participate and meet new blogger friends – and it’s going to be fun!


What is a commentathon?

A commentathon is a blogging lovefest. Blog hopping and commenting for a week. We’ll be putting together a list of participating bloggers. Each blogger will leave a quality comment (not just “great post!” but something that adds value to the post’s conversation).

So, give comments, get comments over the course of 7 days… July 11 thru July 17.

If boosting visibility for your blog is on your 2016 to do list, join the Comment Carousel right now!

How This Event Will Work

**Please note: the commentathon is over. You are welcome to register for notification of the next commentathon event.** 

Step #1 – Register Here.

Step #2 – Complete the blogger intake form by Friday July 8 at 11:59pm EST.

Step #3 – Write an EPIC POST.

Make it really good and make it something easy to comment on (a question at the end of the post is a great way to make it easy for people to leave a meaningful comment). This is going to be THE post that bloggers will be visiting, so be sure to leave a good impression!

Step #3 – Plan to Publish Your Post By Sunday, July 10 at 11:59pm EST.

We need live, working links to your blog post on Monday morning!

Enter our giveaway!
Keep reading for details…

Why Comments Matter 

Many lifestyle bloggers (the non-business bloggers) take part in blog challenges and linky parties all the time. That’s how they grow their audiences, by blogging in tandem, and commenting on each other’s posts. This is how you build a community around your blog!

That’s why we decided to do this commentathon just for entrepreneurs, to get you used to leaving comments. Once you experience the power of blog comments, you’ll be hooked!

As business owners, we’re always looking for ways to network, collaborate, and share our businesses. Participating in the Comment Carousel challenge will help you carry out these goals, and so much more!

Co-hosted by Miss Kemya and Janelle Jones


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Miss Kemya

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