Why Email Marketing Is Not Working for You (Infographic)

The foundation of email marketing lies in the ease by which you can communicate with people who have invited you into their inbox. So often, we concern ourselves the logistical aspects of email marketing, things like

  • Finding the best tool for creating landing pages
  • Crafting the perfect call to action
  • The difference between autoresponders and broadcast emails
  • How to increase optin and open rates
  • Striking the perfect balance of sales and informational emails, etc.

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We’re so focused on the technical side and sales funnels that we lose sight of the needs of the subscriber. When we lose touch with the reason that coveted subscriber invited us into their inbox in the first place, our rates of performance start to diminish. Each subscriber becomes a number, and the strength of our connections deteriorate. The email marketing infographic listed below is going to be a big help!

Why Email Marketing Is Not Working for You

Whether you’re sending out your weekly newsletter or setting up an autoresponder series, there are a couple of key things you can do to increase the performance of your messages.

First, keep it simple. Make each message focused and informative. Try to keep it to one topic even if you have several things to say.  Keep it simple and to the point. That doesn’t mean it has to be super short, but it only needs to be as long as necessary to convey the information.

Second, make it beneficial: Before you send any email, and preferably when you are writing it, always ask yourself “What’s in it for them?”  What benefit am I providing to my readers?  If you cannot answer that question, then your readers won’t see the benefit either. Do not send messages that have no value. Instead, rewrite the message so it is clear what the benefit is.

If your email performance rates have been dropping, there could be a number of reasons. Sometimes we need to tweak what we’ve been doing in order to improve those open and click-through rates.

Email Marketing Infographic: 4 Common Mistakes

The email marketing infographic below details four common mistakes many marketers make when it comes to email marketing. Here’s a summary of the insights shared:

Mistake #1: You Forgot About Formatting

  • Design for mobile viewing
  • Responsive design matters

Mistake #2: You Let Images Do the Talking For You

  • Most viewers are opening emails on their phones
  • Only a small portion of viewers have emails configured to autoload images

Mistake #3: You Failed to Respect the Importance of the Subject Line

  • Subject lines are the first impression, make it a good one
  • In a crowded inbox, the only thing a subscriber will see is your subject line.

Mistake #4: You Arrived Unannounced

  • Ensure your emails are distributed to people who actually subscribed to receive them!

(Email marketing tip: If you scrape emails from forums, databases, etc. do not add them to your email list. This is ILLEGAL. Reach out to individuals with something of value, and invite them to join your list. If they don’t join, it’s ok to move on.)

Email Marketing Infographic Why Email Marketing Is Not Working for You by Robly


As you can see, it doesn’t take much to ensure you are getting the most return on your invested time and effort. Incorporating these simple steps will help you increase the success of your email marketing efforts.

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