Email Marketing Cheat Sheet [Infographic]

Are you still reading emails everyday?

Email marketing still plays a critical role in lead generation and relationship building. The following email marketing cheatsheet infographic provides insight into interesting data that you can use to design the best email marketing strategy and take your email marketing campaigns to the next level.

A few highlights from the Email Marketing Cheat Sheet

Spend time on strategy. Preparation is the key to success with email marketing. As you’ll see below, the top email performers spend more time on strategy than their counterparts.

Test, test, and test beyond the subject line. Email marketers not only test the subject line and day of the week, but they also test those less talked about elements like the ‘from’ line and positions of calls to action.

Send at the right time. Schedule your emails earlier or later in the day, so your recipients will be more likely to open them. This is one of those tricky elements to experiment with to see what works best for the people on your list.

Design for mobile. Is your smartphone typically glued to hand throughout the course of the day? If not you, then I bet the people you’re around on a regular basis are attached to their phone non stop. Therefore, you must consider mobile marketing  with everything you do.


Email Marketing Cheat Sheet

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