What To Do When You Get Bored With Your Blog

Blogging is a great activity that offers personal and professional benefits. It can give you an outlet for your thoughts and ideas, as well as a way to make money and perhaps start working for yourself. One of the main advantages of having a blog is the friendships and connections that come with it. You enter the blogger world, you learn from other bloggers, you make meaningful friendships and connections, and you start to find that blogging is really good fun.

At some point, many bloggers decide to start taking things more seriously. They wonder if their blogs could become more than a fun hobby. If they could actually begin to make money from them. Many are successful. From a little pocket money to a full-time income, there are many bloggers out there who are doing well.

But, this means that there is more to do. Suddenly, your blogging tasks are far more than writing, posting, and messing around on social media. Suddenly for every blog post, there’s a huge checklist, and even old posts need further promotion and work. Blogging is hard work, it’s time-consuming, and it can be stressful, especially if you are trying to juggle it with other work and commitments.

Unfortunately, this often means that we stop having fun. We get bored with our blogs, and we start to post less and less. You may even consider quitting altogether. But, before you get to that point, let’s think about some ways to get over that boredom.

What To Do When You Get Bored With Your Blog

What To Do When You Get Bored With Your Blog

Get Back to Basics

Think about it: what’s stealing your joy? Is it the pressure? Are you spending all of your time on SEO and promotion, and far less time on more creative elements that you might enjoy more? One option might be using HESK SEO Services for help, or taking on a freelance VA to do some of the tasks that you don’t enjoy. Or, if it helps, forget the admin and finer details for a while, and just focus on the bits that you enjoy.

Take a Break

When you get bored with your blog, taking a break is a good idea. It’s certainly something that you should try before you give up entirely. Give yourself a few weeks, or even months off, if you need to. But keep your blog active, and just work on it when you feel like it, if you feel like it, with no pressure or routine. Taking a break can eliminate a good bit of the stress and alleviate the boredom.

Go Off Niche

Having a niche is the best way to build an audience, to become an authority, and to stand out from the crowd. However, writing about the same topics all the time can get boring. If you want to go off niche and write about other topics for a while, create a new category, and do it. It’s your blog, after all. And you just might spark a new wave of creativity.

Learn Something New

Blogging changes all of the time, and there are always new things to learn. Sometimes, learning new skills, and even taking courses can help you to feel refreshed, give you a new focus, challenge yourself, and pique your interest again. The new skill doesn’t have to coincide with your blog subject matter at all; it can be totally unrelated to your blog. Pouring energy into a new skill will help to take your mind off of being bored with your blog.

Connect with Other Bloggers

Most bloggers have been through the same at one time or another. Speak to them, share your thoughts, and ask them about their experiences.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that there will come a time when we all get bored with our blogs, myself included. This doesn’t mean you have to give it up. It simply means you need to figure out why you’re bored, and make the necessary adjustments to regain your joy of blogging. From one blogger to another, give yourself the freedom to experiment. After all, it’s your blog. You can do whatever what you want with it!

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