Awesome Website Analytics Tools for 2020

Now that we’re fully into 2020, we’re also hitting full swing when it comes to business. The year always starts off a little slow. But now that things are ramping up, you may find that you and your team are in need of a few great tools and resources to keep things moving efficiently.

Luckily, we’ve tested out a few awesome new analytics products on the market and have listed our favorites below. These analytics products – including software and apps – offer great features that will increase productivity and help you handle all your data, efficiently.

Awesome Website Analytics Tools for 2020

New Website Analytics Tools You Should Know About



As far as analytics tools and sites go, is one of the more extensive and cool ones we’ve seen this year. Visallo boasts a unique indexing structure that allows them to search and find all types of media, from photos, texts, documents, websites, and much more. You can integrate your search parameters and results to organize them for your specific needs, and the archive will save them in easy-to-find formats.

With an intuitive search engine, you’ll be able to search for specific content and related content easily. In addition, you can save those searches and utilize filters to get rid of anything you don’t need. With an easy to use dashboard that lays out your search results via maps, graphs, histograms and several other mediums, you’ll be able to view your data in real time, uncovering relationships you didn’t see before and analyzing your information much more efficiently. It’s definitely a cool program.

Going Up

If you’re looking for analytics done fast, on one easy to use platform, without a lot of merging or bouncing back and forth, Going Up may be for you. Going Up provides you with live web stats, tracks data, and streamlines analytics for you, all in one easy to use, easy to view, simple platform. With this one quick and easy to use tool you can do all the usual stuff: check out rankings, look at visitors’ locations via map, SEO, customer engagement, and so much more.


For those who like things really simple – like really simple – Metabase might just be perfect for you. This analytics software is open source, incredibly easy to use and totally accessible, no matter if you’re doing everything yourself from your home office or managing a huge corporate team. This easy-to-use tool provides you with much of the same analytics that other, more advanced apps and software provide, but in a more efficient and simple way. The fact that it is accessible to everyone and totally open source is very appealing, too.

Google Analytics

Finally, the most well known of the website analytics tools is not exactly a new program. However, many consider Google Analytics to be the old tried-and-true. When used in conjunction with newer, more innovative and timely software programs and apps, Google can still provide helpful results and act as a base for many analytics programs. Plus you have the added benefit of accessing/merging your results with your other Google services such as Google docs, Gmail, and more.

It may not have all the bells and whistles that other analytics tools do, but it’s the old stand-by for a reason.


These are just a few favorites for analytics tools going into the busy season of 2020. With one of these great platforms, you’ll be able to visualize your data, handle large batches of information, and compare your visualizations like never before.

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