Transform Your Slide Shows Into Marketing Machines

If you’ve read my earlier post on slide shows, I’m hoping you realize slide shows aren’t just for corporate suits. You can use them in just about any niche. I’m almost positive YOU can use them in your business!

Slides are an excellent way to present information like images and text in a way that is organized and efficient. There are many reasons to use slide shows. For one, they are universally known. Anyone who is online knows how to use a slide show. They can be used anywhere and by almost anyone.

PowerPoint has been the slide show standard for as long as I can remember. However, nobody said you have to stick with PowerPoint. You can create slides using Google Slides, Animoto, Promo, Canva… the list goes on. My point is that you have a butt load of options.

Open your mind to the endless possibilities. Slide shows are a multimedia format that will fit nicely into your content marketing plan.


Transform Your Slide Shows Into Marketing Machines

Transform Your Slide Shows Into Marketing Machines

Promoting your business often means providing some type of lengthy explanation. But most people won’t read your wordy reports.

Creating a series of videos be time-consuming to produce and costly to create.

Slide show presentations, on the other hand, are an effective way to explain what your products and services are and what they do. Creating your slide presentations in a mobile-friendly, likeable and shareable way makes it easy for others to share them and to recommend your business.

Here are six ways to promote your business with slide shows.

1. Drive traffic with third-party platforms.

Publishing your PowerPoint slide show on the popular platforms like SlideShare and SpeakerDeck can get them placed high in search results. This can drive a considerable amount of new traffic to your website.

2. Educate your LinkedIn connections.

Post on your social media channels. LinkedIn, for instance, is where business professionals go to become educated on industry-related topics. Posting your well-designed slide show will draw these professionals to your content.

Add a slide show to your Profile Summary page on LinkedIn by editing your profile and clicking the box with the plus sign beside it to add a link to your slides.

3. Tell stories about you and your company.

Tell your company’s stories. Slide shows allow you to provide a visual narrative about your company and what it has done for your clients.

For example, show behind-the-scenes photos with brief descriptions of how you make a product. Include success stories of your clients and your business accomplishments as a testimonial highlight reel.

4. Create a catalog of your products and services.

Say what?! This is easier than it sounds. Simply take your online or print catalog and convert it to a slide show deck. This allows people to quickly see what you have to offer. If you have a lot of products or services, take your most popular and do a feature slide show of them.

5. Show people you know your stuff.

Exhibit your expertise. Slide shows based on your expertise can help promote your business while building your reputation.

One way to do this is to create a slide show that answers the most common questions about your topic. You can then post a link to the slide show whenever someone is looking for these answers. Create a brief, helpful and fun slide show that others want to share.

6. Pitch investors and get some moolah!

A slide show can be created to pitch investors by explaining the value of your business or your startup idea. Post them online where they can be indexed to attract a wide audience of partners, professionals, advisors or collaborators.

Next Step, Monetize Monetize Monetize Your Slide Show

Once you’ve created a slide show, you want to be able to monetize it. You want to be able to convert your traffic into revenue. You can place your presentations on SlideShare, in your blog posts, as well as other places and monetize them in different ways.

The top 7 ways to monetize include:

  1. Adding links within your slide shows. These links are clickable on SlideShare. Be sure to link to affiliate products and your sales pages. You also want to link to squeeze pages to build your list.
  2. At the end of every slide show, add a few links people can click on to learn more about you. Include links to your lead magnets, main products or services.
  3. Add a lead generation form into your presentation if possible. Note: Premium SlideShare users can do this.
  4. Optimize your slide show for searches. Use tags and metadata to make it easier to find your presentation in both internal searches such as SlideShare, but for the search engines as well.
  5. Embed your slide deck on your website. Be sure to include hyperlinks in the description, as well as on the slides themselves.
  6. Embed the slide show on social media sites.
  7. Connect with others by using including quotes from them in your slide shows. Offer hyperlinks back to their websites. They will see the inbound traffic from your slide show.

Creating a slide show is a good way to add a new level of content to your marketing plan. Using these tips can help you earn revenue and traffic from those same presentations.

Miss Kemya

Do you use slide shows in your content marketing? Has this helped your business?


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