Why and How to Use Slideshows In Your Content Marketing

You have no doubt been in a meeting or attended a conference where the speaker has used a slideshow. Some of these presentations are dull and monotonous, while others are visually stunning and engaging.

Slideshows can be a powerful presentation tool, if you consider the needs of your audience before you start up PowerPoint.

Have you used slides in your presentations, either in person or virtual? How was your presentation received? Did your visuals capture interest, or put your audience to sleep?

Why Use Slideshows

“Showing rather than just telling” your audience is a maxim that’s probably as old as public speaking itself. Giving your audience a visual image is one of the best ways to get and keep your audience’s attention. Slideshows can make your business presentations more interactive and interesting.

Showing examples of your work through photographs, charts, graphs, and videos keeps your audience engaged in what you are talking about.

Slideshows help those who learn in different ways to grasp your message. People learn in both auditory and visual ways. By simply speaking or writing you capture only auditory learners. With slideshows you capture visual learners as well.

Slideshows can be used for different types of presentations to help educate your audience as well. For example, a how-to or tutorial type presentation uses slides to show the steps of how to do something in a concise but helpful way.

There are many ways to use slide presentations. PowerPoint is one of the easiest tools to use to create your slide presentation, and it’s my personal favorite. Sidebar: Microsoft PowerPoint is a software worth learning. You will be amazed at how much you can use it!

Slide Shows As a Content Marketing Tool Part 1 - Why and How to Use Slideshows in Your Content Marketing. Slideshows can be used as a way to educate your customers. Learn 5 ways to use slide shows as an educational tool in your content marketing.

5 Ways to Use Slideshows In Your Business As An Educational Tool

Slideshows aren’t just for corporate suits anymore. In addition to webinar tools, slides are a great way to present material to educate your customers and clients. They can be a valuable asset in helping others understand how to use your products or for training them on new services. For example:

  • Educate your customers. Create how-to tutorials that use slides to show the step-by-step process of a product, software or service.
  • Educate your staff. Create a PowerPoint slide show demonstrating your customer service policies, training them on new products or services, and on your process of how to do certain tasks.
  • Teach your new students how their membership works. Turn your slide show into a video that shows and tells the new member the best ways to use the members’ area.
  • A slideshow of tips in your niche can be given as a free gift to your subscribers. Create a slide show of tips on how to do something in your niche.
  • A slideshow can be used to educate as part of your online courses. These courses can help your clients learn different processes or techniques on your topic.

These are simply a handful of ways to use slideshows in your business. Slideshows, when used as educational material, add a new level of visual appeal to your products. Educating others is easier when they can view the material instead of just hearing or reading about the steps to do something.

Miss Kemya

How do you use slideshows in your business?


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