Succeeding In Business With Instagram Strategies [Infographic]

No matter if you are doing Instagram marketing for small or large organizations, there are wealth of opportunities for sending messages to your audiences and creating leads through Instagram. So, it is not surprising to know that Instagram is one of the credible tools for increasing your business reputation and creating brand awareness.

Many people are on Instagram and among them several of them connect their Instagram account to other social media platforms, thereby successfully spreading their brand name. But when it comes to posting images on Instagram, you are limited to relatively tiny square pictures. Now contained with each square, you have to come up with content which are memorable, catchy and relevant to your business as well as brand.

Applying Instagram Content Strategies for Business

Instagram strategies are quite interactive and easy to use. The given data clearly states on how much reach it has in terms of brand recognition as well as getting suitable followers

Instagram for Business

If you are simply running out of ideas on what to post on the Instagram account of your business, the following tips will help you in outshining other marketing tactics that you have followed.


If you are selling something, you can post image of the product on the Instagram. This can tie the audience’s idea of your brand to that particular product. In addition, you can get the conversation going by inquiring with the audience if they want a particular color or pattern over another.

Showcasing Service Equipment

For instance, if you are providing home spa services, cleaning services, or any service similar to them, you can post the pictures of the equipment used by you. For example, photos of oils, special cleaners, and other supplementary items can be posted on your Instagram platform.

Display The Process

Provide a glimpse of the action to your audience by showing how your products are manufactured or how the services are carried out.

Posting Alternative Uses of Your Products

A brand new trick or usage of your product can attract your audience and give them lots of possibilities. For example, a fashion brand can show the six different uses of their popular scarves.

Behind The Scenes Posts

This is similar to giving your audience a backstage pass into what is happening behind the counter or inside the factory. So, whether you are showing the fun activities of your employees or interactions with customers, this would definitely arouse the interest of your potential clients. Plus, your employees would love to be featured on the company’s Instagram page.

Reaching Out To Followers

You can make your Instagram followers feel special by organizing contests exclusively for them. For example, the first few followers who comment or repost a given post will get a special prize or discount coupon.

In addition, you can have a photo contest where you ask followers to post pictures of them using your product and the person who posts the most creative photo gets a prize.

Sometimes, you can take the services of websites like for getting suitable amount of followers and likes. This will improve your brand image and the presences of huge fans and followers would attract other potential followers.

Cute Photos

Loveable and cute animals are always welcome on social media. You can easily make use of this by posting the images of the pets of your employees or animals interacting with your product.

Celebrity Sightings

While attending events related to your product, you will probably run into few celebrities. Take a photo with them, and get it uploaded on your Instagram platform. This is sure to grab some eyeballs and don’t forget to tag or hashtag the celebrity in the photo.

Wrapping Up

Instagram marketing tactics are significant for getting support and rapport from your online audiences and converting them into high quality leads. Make sure to keep these Instagram tips in mind the next time when you are going to post something.


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