5 Tips for Starting a Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

In the Internet Age, it can become very easy to get trapped in our ways. When we use email marketing to advertise our services or products, marketing gets as easy as hitting “send.” But you probably don’t know one person who is waiting by their laptop or phone for their next marketing email.

5 Tips for Starting a Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

One tried and true way that you can get the attention of your ideal consumer is through direct mail marketing. This article will give you five tips to help you start using direct mail marketing campaigns to reach your most valuable customers.

5 tips for starting a direct mail campaign
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Target Your Best Customers

To do direct mail marketing well, you have to put most of your effort towards reaching your best consumers. While you will need to know basic demographic information such as the gender or age group of your target audience, you can’t end there. You will have to learn about their purchasing behavior, their ideas on certain trends and media, and even their lifestyle. By doing this research now, you can better craft direct mail marketing campaigns to these consumers later.

Personalize Everything

Whenever possible, personalize every piece of direct mail that you send out to potential and actual customers. Don’t leave personalization to the letter’s introduction or a simple first name on the envelope. Include your prospect’s first name as much as you can without going overboard. You will also want to make a connection with your customers by including information and pictures of your staff, your physical location, and even your equipment. Your customers want to feel as if they know your business if they’re going to spend their hard-earned money on your products and services.

Use Testimonials

It seems as if every single business in the world includes dozens of glowing testimonials on their websites and their direct mail pieces. Despite the seeming over-saturation of this technique, customer testimonials still act as a great way to social-proof your company. When you include short tales of how other people benefitted from your expertise, it tells potential customers that they too will get a return on their money. To get the most bang for your buck, include testimonials with the customer’s picture.

Make Sure That the Timing Is Right

When you send out your direct mail pieces at exactly the right time, you will get a major increase in your overall response rates. To get the timing to your advantage, you have to catch your customer at the stage of the buyer’s journey where they currently sit. Give them an offer that you created for buyers in this part of the process.

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Make Sure Your Mailings Have Personality

Sifting through the mail is not an exciting part of the day for most people. Make mail time worth the effort for your customers by making your direct mail marketing pieces visually appealing and impossible to ignore. Instead of going for the typical postcard or brochure, pay attention to packaging and the shape of the mail. For example, can you send an odd shaped box or oversize envelope? Can you add confetti or smelly stickers inside? Add a bit of whimsy to your package, or include some swag, to create a direct mail experience the recipient is more likely to enjoy, and remember. Include effective copy that sells your services while getting to the point.

It’s hard to get people’s attention nowadays. But if you use direct mail marketing in the right way, you can get your ideal consumers to pay attention to you and your message. In a day where business owners can spend tens of thousands of dollars trying to get customers to buy what they’re selling, following these tips can provide a great way for you to get through all the marketing clutter that your ideal consumers get on a daily basis.

Direct mail marketing is a tried and true way to get the attention of your ideal consumer. Use these tips to get started with direct mail campaigns.

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