I Am Miss Kemya, Pleased To Meet Ya

Hello everyone! This post is an introduction to me and all my splendor! Oooo, isn’t she humble…why yes, yes I am!

It’s Day One of the Just Blog It challenge, <hashtag #blogsmallbiz>, and today’s post will tell you a bit more about me, who I am and what I do!

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About Me

I’m  Miss Kemya, married homeschooling mom of 2, doggie owner, coffee and chocoholic. Born and bred in Philly, now living in Atlanta, GA. I’m one of those creative types; I love all kinds of fabric, architecture, and flowers. Of course you can visit my About Me page to learn more about me.

I would give anything for a real Italian water ice right now, but I digress…

I’ve pretty much always loved business and marketing… yes, the thing so many people run away from, I run towards it! Went to school for it, went back for some more of it, and continue to learn about it!

I love a good strategy session; my clients get to grow  their businesses and I get to flex my creative marketing muscles. Twitter is my social media BFF so you can catch up with me there pretty easily @MissKemya.


Miss Kemya Just Blog It Introduction

The Business: What I Do

Blogging  is a part of what I do. My services run the gamut, from marketing strategy, consulting, event management, speaking, and small biz coaching.

In addition, I recently opened a DIY Biz Shop with products geared to the do-it-yourself entrepreneurs, you know the entrepreneurs who are running  the show solo! If this is you, you definitely want to visit the Biz Shop. New products are on the way!

I provide one-on-one coaching for entrepreneurs who need to get their butts in gear! I provide consulting for business owners who don’t have a dedicated marketing team and are tired of wingin’ it.You know, folks who struggle with DIY, knowing good and well they need to hire a pro!

Yup, that’s who I work with. If this sounds like what you need, give me a shout!

I can either teach you how to do stuff, or you can hire me to do it for you. Or both… your choice. I want you and your business to succeed. I ♥ small biz!


My Biz Blog Is Ridiculously Awesome

I blog about all kinds of marketing related topics – social media platforms and tools, social media strategy, blogging, branding, networking, marketing strategy, marketing tools, etc. –  as well as general business stuff you need to know to continue to be a successful entrepreneur!

My focus is to provide strategies and specific tactics you can use to build your social media following, establish and expand your brand, and ultimately grow your business.

I don’t spew marketing buzzwords, seeing as you won’t know what I’m talking about. No fluff, no hype, no gimmicks. I want you to be able to read a post, and go do something with the info you learn.

I’m focused on results, success, with a bit of fun thrown in because, well, we should all be having fun shouldn’t we?!


So feel free to leave me a comment and say hello, I’d love to get to know you!


Ciao, Miss Kemya


Join me on May 26th for a complimentary webinar!

Kick A$$ SMM Webinar May 26

About Miss Kemya

Miss Kemya Scott Digital Marketing Strategist and Social Media Manager for Small Business at Marketing Sparkler Kemya L. Scott, Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategist, teaches her clients how to build a digital presence, increase revenue and create a more successful business. Known simply as “Miss Kemya”, she uses a results-focused, “how to” approach in implementing simple, customized strategies so clients enjoy tangible results quickly and easily.


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