Mastering Pinterest for Small Business Owners [Infographic]

Far more than a visual paradise for millenials and a home of inspiration for DIYers, Pinterest has tremendous capability as a central tool in any social media marketing strategy. Often skipped in favor of Facebook or Instagram as the platforms of choice, Pinterest can actually help to drive business sales. A whopping 55% of Pinterest users come to the site specifically looking for products.  

Wondering how to leverage the power of Pinterest? Start by creating a free business account, then build it out with rich keywords to boost exposure in searches. Next, you’ll want to think about your ideal aesthetic and commit to staying consistent with it. Want more ideas?

Mastering Pinterest for Small Business Owners

It only takes seconds to create a business account on Pinterest. But it’ll take more than this to craft and execute a profitable Pinterest strategy. Here are three interesting facts you need to know about Pinterest:

  • 90% of pinners use Pinterest to make purchase decisions.
  • 80% of Pinterest users access the platform via smartphone.
  • Pinterest can be optimized for relevant keywords and uses a hashtag system, much like Instagram.

These are the facts you need to know and make use of right now! What people are using Pinterest for, how they access Pinterest, and how you can get found on the platform. Check out the infographic below from Fundera for extra pointers on how to craft the perfect Pinterest profile for your small business, which includes:

8 Easy Steps to Crafting the Perfect Pinterest Profile for Your Small Business

5 Companies with A+ Pinterest Strategies (and how you can use these strategies)

Mastering Pinterest for Small Business Owners Infographic by Fundera

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  • Robert

    Isn’t it impressive that 90% of pinners use Pinterest to make purchase decisions? I think that shows the power Pinterest has and why everyone should be taking advantage of it now. It’s also great to learn from the big companies that are doing Pinterest the right way. We should all “steal” from them ;).

    • Yes, Robert, we need to pay closer attention to how the bigger brands are executing Pinterest strategies. There is so much to be gained from using the platform!

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