6 Innovative Instagram Hacks to Boost Engagement

You have likely heard that Instagram is the place to be right now if you want to build a scalable business. Nowadays people are flocking to social media to check if companies have a credible following. Those who don’t have a strong online presence aren’t as well respected by their ideal clients.

You like to stay on top of all the hottest marketing trends and you know that this social media tool isn’t going anywhere. You’re ready to unlock your full potential with Instagram and use this as a driving force for your business. Here are a few Instagram hacks to help boost your engagement.

6 Innovative Instagram Hacks to Boost Engagement

6 Innovative Instagram Hacks to Boost Engagement

1. Be Consistent

Everyone knows that when you’re using Instagram as your main marketing platform, you need to be consistent when you post. This is where social media management services comes in very useful, as most business owners don’t have the time to invest in creating compelling posts every single day. If you’re looking to build brand awareness, attract quality website traffic and generate credible leads you need to be consistent. If you know you can’t (or don’t want to) devote the time needed for this, hire a professional to manage your social media.

2. Source Viral Content

One of the quickest and easiest ways to grow your Instagram is to go viral. Of course, this is easier said than done. However, viral content is relatable and shareable content that will resonate with your ideal client. One of the most popular types of viral content are trending quotes and memes. These are the most likely to go viral, so try to sprinkle these types of posts throughout your  main content for a spike in visibility.

3. Use Story Tools

In order to gain algorithmic favor you need to make the most of the tools that Instagram is giving you. Use polls, questions, quizzes as part of your Instagram stories. This will help push you to the top of people’s feeds.

4. Launch A Mini Series

When you provide value to your potential clients they will want to invest in your product or service. You can do this simply by launching a mini series. This is where you spend a few days talking about your tips, strategies or share any useful information that might be of value to your target audience. Your fans will be more likely to engage and follow along if they’re interested in your series topic.

5. Foster Meaningful Engagement

Engaging with your ideal clients on Instagram is a sure fire way to build that know, like and trust factor. Comment on their posts, DM them, and ask them questions. Build real relationships with the people you want to work with.

6. Design Amazing Aesthetics

You want your ideal client to be wowed as soon as they click onto your Instagram profile. Using the same filters or installing a preset can really help you to create a consistent feed that is pleasing to the eye. Stick with your brand colors as much as possible so that there is no doubt that this profile is yours. It’s often easier to develop a theme for your feed to help your brand stand out.

When you start implementing these hacks you will start to see tangible results for your business. You don’t need to spend hours and hours trying to find the next big marketing strategy for your business. It already exists on your phone right now, and it’s called Instagram!

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