Inspiration Is Always Around, If You Don’t Look For It

It’s been a month since I posted my word of the year DO. What a month it’s been! I’ve been making a lot of behind-the-scenes changes with my business, and I’ve been so busy that I’ve been neglecting blogging. That stinks!

I’ve been busy working as a hybrid entrepreneur, working on strategic plans and building an empire, and wouldn’t you know, writer’s block crept in.

broken light bulbWho opened the door for that lunatic?

I couldn’t seem to finish a decent blog post. I have all kinds of random drafts, but I just couldn’t seem to put the puzzle together. Inspiration took a vacation and left my brain a dinged up light bulb. No spark, just blah.

That is… until today.

Inspiration has been smacking me in the head for the past week, and it wasn’t until today that I finally realized it! I have had the same conversation with two different people within a week, in completely different circumstances, in different states, yet ultimately it was the same conversation – get out of your comfort zone for your sanity, as well as your own personal and professional development.

Here’s what happened:

Last week I got a phone call about one thing, and somehow the conversation shifted to planning for the future. One person felt stuck in her position, yet powerless to change it. After I scolded her about dealing with nonsense (she knew better), we had a practical chat about specific action steps to take to change her circumstances and her situation. We set up due dates, deadlines, the works. The phone call was completely unplanned, yet it will have a powerful, lasting impact on the both of us.

A few days later I spoke with someone else about a similar subject. The brief version of this conversation – a comfortable commute does not equal career advancement. You know, how being comfortable in your same office chair, because you don’t want to put in the work to get out of your chair, doesn’t equate to developing your career. This conversation ended with me defining a list of specific items to help prepare this person to get out of this so-called comfy chair. Only time will tell if it actually happens.

Suddenly, like a light bulb, it hit me: I have today’s blog post! It’s completely off track from where I started but it got me here sharing with you.


Have you ever been in a situation where you know you should do better and make a drastic change, but fear, laziness, or comfort zone issues prevented you from making the change? Most of us have been there. Whether it’s relocating to a new city, getting a new job, or starting (or diversifying) your own business so you live out your dreams, change is possible. In fact, it is scary and exciting, but with planning and preparation, you can DO IT.

When you’re not achieving the success you feel you deserve, or you aren’t being challenged in a way that satisfies you, it’s time to go for what you want!

As I reflected on these conversations, I thought about all the people that are probably stuck right where they are. So I felt the need to share these stories, maybe they will inspire you or someone you know to implement changes for the better.

I’m not a business coach, I’m not a motivational speaker. I really don’t know what to call myself half the time. I just have a DO attitude, and I happily share it with a smile. Ask me a question, and I’ll answer you. If you ever need a kick in the pants, I’m here.

Miss Kemya


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