How to Create a Successful Landing Page

Your landing page is the first thing many potential online customers will see. To make it successful, you need to make sure that it’s a high converting page. This means driving traffic to the page, then turning browsers into buyers. A good landing page will include a stunning yet efficient design, well planned SEO for optimal ranking, and perhaps most important, appeal to customers’ needs. These aspects, of course, depend on your niche and your product or service. However, here is a general road map to help you along the way.

How to Create a Successful Landing Page

How to create a successful landing page

Understand its purpose

Your landing page is similar to a homepage in its function. It’s the “front page” of your website or section of the site for a particular product or service. It’s there to draw attention, give clear information, create interest and inspire the user to take a desired action. The main difference is that landing pages are designed to be found online, usually using keywords and tactical SEO. It’s important to identify your goals before you design the landing page. Do you want it to promote a particular product, capture a subscription, or simply be super informative?

Focus on the benefits

You’ll also need to understand the potential benefits of your offer. You want it to improve your SEO rankings so create a targeted search using carefully selected keywords. Think about your customers and how they will benefit from your product/service. Do they need the best electrician in the world or one within a five-mile radius? Location is very important in your keywords, particularly for a local business.

Perhaps you want to use keywords to focus on a specific product you’re promoting. Is there a particular message you want to be received? Once you outline what you hope to get out of the landing page it will be easier to focus on your design.

Start with a strong headline

This is probably the most important feature on the page, as it’s the first thing your potential customers will read. Make the landing page headline no more than ten words, grab attention, and be clear. If your customers can’t understanding exactly what it is you’re selling from reading the first few lines, then they’ll move on. If it doesn’t make sense, why should they work to find out more when your competitor makes it simple?

Provide a clear explanation

Again, the landing page text should be concise, focused, and easy to understand. Give product descriptions in clear bullet points highlighting the most important features. Use video technology to create a more detailed product tutorial for your audience to watch. If the landing page is for a service, create a welcome video that explains the benefits of the service. Companies such as R6 Digital can help you develop impressive video content to really draw attention.

Use a strong Call To Action (CTA)

This is where you make it easy for your customers to take action. A strong CTA needs to be well-positioned and easy to use.   For example, if you want your site visitor to optin for an offer, an embedded subscription form is ideal. Use graphics and motivating words like “explore” or “free”.


Finally, be sure to promote the landing page. Don’t expect people to find it simply because it exists. Share the offer from your landing page across social media and in your email marketing efforts. Make it hard to miss and impossible to resist, and your landing page will drum up business in no time.

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