7 Ways To Make Your Homepage More Engaging

The homepage is the main page of your website and is the page that most visitors will initially land on. When it comes to a company website, a homepage needs to be immediately engaging so that visitors want to stick around. The longer they stay on your website, the more likely they are to become customers. Here are seven ways in which you can make your homepage more engaging.

7 Ways To Make Your Home Page More Engaging

7 Ways to Make Your Home Page More Engaging

Explain who you are/what you do

A mistake that many companies make is not immediately introducing themselves on their homepage. Don’t rely on an ‘about us’ page to convey this information. Tell visitors on your homepage exactly what your company does and what your USP (unique selling proposition) is. Ideally, you want to keep any text short and sweet – large walls of text on a homepage will scare most visitors away.

Add an introductory video

If you can’t easily convey what your company is about in a few words, you could rely on an introductory video to explain your business in an engaging manner. To help create a professional video, you’ll want to hire the help of video producers or animators. Some homepages feature auto-play videos – while this can help people to notice your video content, it could annoy some visitors and affect the loading speed of your site. An alternative option is to place the video somewhere that it cannot be missed and allow visitors to play it in their own time.

Use a striking image

A striking banner image will also help to grip visitors. This shouldn’t be a generic stock image. Consider getting a professional photographer to shoot a unique photograph or pay a photographer for a unique image to wow visitors at first sight.

Show off your accomplishments

To instantly gain visitors’ trust, consider showing off some of your achievements on your homepage. If you’ve won awards, tell visitors that you’re ‘award-winning’ and display award badges. If you’ve received positive reviews or testimonials, consider quoting these somewhere on your homepage. You could also show off notable clients you’ve worked with or qualifications you’ve achieved.

Use call to action buttons

Call to action buttons can help to direct people to other important information. This could include a big button encouraging people to sign up for your services or a call button that allows mobile users to ring you with the click of a button.

Avoid generic tab titles

If you decide to use tabs leading to other pages on your site, try to avoid generic tab titles that visitors may gloss over. For example, consider ‘sign up to free quote’ instead of ‘contact’.

Reduce the loading time

Impatient visitors may leave your site if it takes too long to load. If you’ve noticed that your site is taking a while to load, consider moving to a new hosting provider – a slow hosting server could be to blame if your site is not particularly flashy or complex. If there are lots of animations and embedded media on your homepage this could pose other issues, in which case you may want to find ways of reducing the code so that there isn’t as much to load.

Bottom Line

People may arrive at your website via any page on your website, depending on your digital marketing efforts. However, those that arrive via the home page will typically look around to learn more about you. The home page should provide a glimpse of who you are and what you do for your customers, in order to help site visitors figure if you can meet their needs. Make sure your home page gets the job done!

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