How Many Cold Emails Should You Send Per Day?

Have you managed to grow your mailing list to 1000 contacts, and feeling proud? Or perhaps you’re in the midst of a massive cold emailing campaign and have set yourself the ambitious target of sending 300 emails in one day?

Wait! Before you start churning out those emails, you may want to consider the high risk of ending up in people’s junk folders. Worse still, you could have your email account shut down.

Spam filters take into account the amount of emails a single account has been sending in one day. This means emails from your regular email address, not an email marketing service provider. If you continuously send out masses of emails, you could even find that your email provider or your internet service provider take action. Yes, this is often considered a spam technique!

How Many Cold Emails Should You Send Per Day?

How many cold emails should you send out per day

As a result, it’s good practice to put a daily cap on cold emails. Some email servers do this automatically, but if not you should set your own limit. A good recommendation is 200 emails – anything over this and you’re pushing it.

This means only sending emails out to portions of your mailing list, if you have over 200 targeted recipients. You may be able to divide these lists up by age, time zone or interest level.

As for cold emailing, resist the urge to copy and paste. Personalizing each email may help it get through the spam filter and could help to engage recipients (even if it’s just a case of using the recipient’s name).

Sending out too many emails is just one way to stop your emails from getting through. If you’ve been sending out lots of emails and not getting any responses, it could be worth considering some of the tips mentioned in the infographic below.

Email Deliverability 101 Infographic from Wiza
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Remember, the goal is to get the recipient to open the email and take an action, When using your regular email account to send cold emails, spread out your emails and follow the tips above to increase delivery rates. No matter how great your email copy may be, if it lands in the recipient’s spam filter and they never see it, your efforts will be wasted.

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