Helping Your Team To Master The Art Of Remote Working

Attempting to make a smooth switch to remote working has taken its toll on many businesses around the world. It’s tough for those who have never experienced off site working to figure out how to remain productive and connected. Becoming a master of remote working takes a little skill. But there are 3 main areas in which you must focus your efforts to allow your team to thrive despite their inability to attend their usual workspace. So, if you would like to find out more, then read on to uncover some of the best steps that you can follow today!

Helping Your Team To Master The Art Of Remote Working

Helping Your Team To Master The Art Of Remote Working


Provide The Right Equipment 

One of the most important steps that you must follow to help your team meet your expectations while working from home involves providing them with the right equipment. They’re never going to be able to perform to their optimum ability if they don’t have the right materials or platform to work from. The responsibility is on you to support them in sourcing equipment if they don’t have access to it already.

The most essential feature that’s needed when switching from an office space is a PC, as your staff likely utilize a computer throughout their work day to perform nearly every task.  You can rent a Mac to get a range of advanced features without the usual price tag of buying. This option also offers you the choice to stop your contract whenever you no longer need the equipment to help control your spend.

It’s likely that your team already have their own home internet connections, but they should each be tested to ensure the download and upload speeds are sufficient. If your staff need to take phone calls throughout their shift, it’s a good idea to supply a quality set of headphones that they can use to hear clearly.

Maintain A Solid Line Of Communication

Staying in touch with your team is vital, as you need to find a way to recreate the working environment in which you could drop by at any time to speak with a member of staff. Since the lockdown, this has been a main priority for such a large number of commercial industries. As a result, this has encouraged a huge investment into the creation of several efficient platforms that act as a virtual office in which employees can speak, participate in meetings and share files securely.

Utilizing one of these options could be the perfect solution. However, it’s important that you can take some time to research your chosen platform before you allow your team to begin utilizing it. You must ensure that the provider is authentic and trustworthy, maintaining added safety features to protect your personal data. You’ll be discussing all things business related as you would in your office, as well as sharing sensitive data that must stay under wraps. So you need to have peace of mind knowing that you’re out of harm’s way.

Keeping in touch with your team will help them to feel connected with their colleagues, allowing them to seek out assistance or advice should they need it to reduce the likelihood of error.

Offer Advice To Assist Focus 

The greatest stumbling block that nearly every remote worker encounters is a lack of focus and an abundance of distraction. Being in the comfort of your home can encourage you to feel more relaxed. This means there are many more things that can grab your attention, from your children to television programs. Offering advice to your staff to help them remain focused will be extremely beneficial.

For example, start with ideas for their work from home space. Start by suggesting that they convert a room or quiet corner of their home into an office space that contains a desk or table, a comfortable chair and their laptop (with any other equipment they need). Recommend they rid the space of any distractions like unnecessary technology and reading materials.

When possible, tout the benefits of solitude while working, and advise against allowing other people to hang out in their home to disturb them during their work hours. Set out a set of working hours that allows for a lunch break. This helps to ensure employees have the time to leave their home office and take a break. After all, working straight through the day will most definitely cause low productivity levels.

Remember to keep thanking your staff for their hard work and dedication throughout the pandemic. They are likely making a serious effort to adapt and change to suit the current situation and keep their job in tact. Making the most of the 3 steps above can help you to help your team, so there’s no time like the present to get started.

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