How to Create a Beautiful Work-From-Home Space

Whether you recently started working from home or have done so for most of your career, you’ll be more productive in a highly functional and appealing space. Fulfilling the stereotype of telecommuting while lying in bed or sitting on your couch will make it hard to stay motivated, and you could develop soreness from keeping your body in poor alignment.

Fortunately, it’s easy and rewarding to create a lovely, enticing place to work from home — no matter your budget. Here are six excellent ways to start.

How to Create a Beautiful Work-From-Home Space

How to create a beautiful work from home space

1.  Maximize the Available Space

Keeping home offices tidy goes a long way in making them beautiful. Assess your current workspace and see how you could increase the storage options.

For example, under-desk baskets could hold packs of paper and extra printer ink. Box-style, wall-mounted shelves might keep frequently referenced books within easy reach above your head.

Investigate folding desks, too. They’re ideal in small spaces, and they help you transition from on-the-clock hours to free time. Stowing those pieces away at the end of the workday creates a visual cue to take it easy.

Another option is to invest in a combination bookshelf-desk piece. The back portion against the wall functions as a storage area, and the flat surface in front of it is your desk. That makes it easy to meet needs without wasting space.

2.  Incorporate Indoor Plants

Adding some houseplants is also a popular way to beautify home offices. There’s no need to have lots of gardening expertise. Start by assessing the amount of light in your workspace, then looking for plants that are easy to care for and grow nicely in such conditions.

Consider that African violet plants do well under fluorescent lighting, if needed. Alternatively, the widely available snake plant is a slow-growing option, so you won’t need to repot it often.

If succulents strike your fancy, aloe vera and kalanchoe are especially well-suited for indoor spaces. Since these plants store water in their leaves, they can tolerate occasional instances of you forgetting to moisten the soil often enough.

Artificial plants are the easiest option yet, and many look surprisingly realistic. They’re also great solutions if you want to swap out different types with the seasons. Real ones last for months or years, so they require more of a commitment.

Adding some houseplants is also a popular way to beautify home offices.
Adding some houseplants is also a popular way to beautify home offices.

3.  Install New Flooring

New flooring can be a fantastic way to freshen up your workspace. Certain kinds are also ideal if you’re among the more than six in 10 households in the United States that own pets.

For example, vinyl tile is easy to clean, helping you deal with housetraining accidents or water bowl spills. Alternatively, rigid core flooring is 100% waterproof, as well as dent-, scratch- and stain-resistant.

Replacing your flooring may seem like a large undertaking — and it is more extensive than some of the other options here. However, the installation process could be faster than you expect. Vinyl sheet flooring comes on a roll and does not require grout. Those factors could accelerate the installation timeline.

Before finalizing a decision to replace your flooring, become familiar with the options. Getting to know the color and pattern possibilities can help you reach a more informed conclusion while loving the results.

4.  Apply Paint or Wall Decals

Paint can make your workspace walls more attractive — especially if they’re currently a run-of-the-mill white. The first step is considering what you want to achieve with the new color.

For example, people often choose blue for a calming effect. Alternatively, a vibrant red or deep purple could help you turn the workspace into a bold area that helps you feel energized when entering it.

Maybe you’re in a rented property, and the landlord won’t let you paint. No worries. Wall decals are eye-catching alternatives.

You can find them in an ever-growing assortment of colors and styles. Some mimic the wallpaper look, while others feature inspiring quotes to provide valuable perspective when you glance up from your work. The peel-and-stick design of wall decals makes them easy to place — and take down when you move out.

5.  Decorate with Items That Uplift You

Many people love working from home, but they acknowledge that it comes with particular stresses. For example, when you run into a tech problem, the first step is likely to troubleshoot it yourself rather than contacting a support pro. Similarly, some people find the isolation of at-home work difficult to cope with if they enjoyed colleagues’ company.

Compensate for the potential challenges by choosing items that help you maintain an upbeat mood during challenging moments. Maybe that means adding a handwoven rug you got during a trip to India two years ago. Perhaps you’ll make the space yours with a few framed pictures of loved ones.

A bulletin board could be an excellent way to display mementos like ticket stubs and newspaper clippings. Many options feature strips of elastic or ribbon so you can secure items without tacks or tape.

Place a couple of greeting cards from friends on your desk. They remind you that, even when feelings of isolation hit, you’re not alone.

Decorate your work from home space with items that uplift you.
Decorate your work from home space with items that uplift you.

6.  Consider How to Brighten the Space

Perhaps you’re especially eager to revamp your workspace because of its presently dark and dreary look. Knocking down walls and adding new windows are a couple of major ways to renovate the space to add more light. However, options also exist if you’d rather go with a less-extensive approach.

For example, adding high-gloss paint to the ceiling or attaching mirrored or metallic decorations to walls are some effective and quick ways to brighten your room because they all reflect existing light. Alternatively, a bright or patterned area rug can provide a boost without adding illumination.

If you decide that the best approach is to brighten through illumination, a floor lamp with multiple adjustable heads could be a smart addition for an empty corner. You can aim them at the best angles to support your typical working position.

When space is a concern, look for clip-on desk lamps. They add light without sacrificing your work surface.

Love Where You Live and Work

Thoughtfully decorating the space where you work from home can have tremendous impacts on your mood and motivation. Get started with these practical tips — and feel free to adapt them to meet your needs and preferences.

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