Use Features and Benefits To Promote Your Brand

*Are you familiar with developing a branding strategy? If not, I would suggest you go back to the first exercise in “Lay the Groundwork To Define Your Brand”? Complete the questions, and come back to this post. You’ll be ready to CONFIDENTLY tackle this next exercise.*

The purpose of developing your branding strategy is to figure out how to best convey your brand attributes to your market. You’ve already taken some steps to lay the groundwork for your company brand – you’ve looked at your company name, logo, and niche right? Let’s take a look at the 20 attributes you listed when you went through the earlier post. Consider each attribute as a product/service feature of your brand. You can use a simple features and benefits t-chart to find the best characteristics to convey. I know you remember these:

For each feature/attribute, think about these factors as you describe a related benefit:

  1. How does it relate to your niche?
  2. How much money is your client willing to pay for this attribute/feature?
  3. Are your attributes engaging? How can you leverage them with social media, in your promotional literature, your email signature line, your company tagline (which also appears on your website) elevator pitch, sales letters, newsletters, etc.?
  4. How can you (and your employees) convey each attribute in every interaction as described in your brand communication?

Are you able to see an underlying theme to the benefits you listed? Which benefits are emotional? The most powerful brand strategies tap into emotion, it doesn’t matter what kind of business you’re in. Look at all the benefits you listed and name a summarized benefit that would convince me to hire your service/buy your product. What you come up with will be the basis of your brand!

Every single interaction by you and your employees offers you an opportunity to engage in a meaningful way and prove the strength and value of your brand. If you can convey the characteristics of your brand you will become more comfortable with engaging because you will have a concise message to share with your prospects, clients, vendors and employees. Get to work on defining and demonstrating these attributes and you will close more deals!

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