Enter the 5 Minutes of Sizzle Contest with Cheryl Wood Empowers

Are you an aspiring, emerging, or experienced speaker that would love to get on stage at the ground-breaking Create Your Own Sizzle Empowerment Event by Cheryl Wood? Are you ready to speak in an arena filled with ladies ready to receive your message?

If you answered yes,

Cheryl Wood invites you to enter her
5 Minutes of Sizzle Contest!

What is the Create Your Own Sizzle Empowerment Event, aka CYOSizzle?

CYOSizzle  is an empowerment event geared to young girls and women. The theme “Create Your Own Sizzle” is about taking control of life and creating your own brightness, your own light, and what makes you feel alive. We will focus on erasing limitations and creating your own possibilities.

~ Cheryl Wood

The “5 MINUTES OF SIZZLE” contest begins on Friday, April 26 and ends on Friday, June 21. One lucky Speaker will win the opportunity to speak for 5 minutes on stage at the Create Your Own Sizzle Empowerment Event with an expected attendance of 1000+ girls and women to share your unique message.

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Post a video of yourself, up to 2-minutes, on the CYOSizzle Facebook Event page at http://tinyurl.com/c2ca2va, explaining why you should win this speaking opportunity;
  2. Tweet about your submission for the contest using hashtag #CYOSizzle; and,
  3. Rally your supporters and get a minimum of 50 people to register to attend this FREE event using your name as the referral source in the space that asks “How did you hear about this event?” on the registration website at http://createyourownsizzle.eventbrite.com/.

You can also have registrants visit the CYOSizzle Facebook Event page and post “I just registered for CYOSizzle thanks to _________” — add your name).

The WINNER of the contest will be announced on July 1, 2013.


CYOSizzle Flyer Cheryl Wood


In case you haven’t heard, this is how Founder Cheryl Wood describes this historic event…

“Create Your Own Sizzle on August 17 is NOT your typical “sit down and listen to a speech” event. OH NO, we plan to engage you, energize you, and get you excited about all the possibilities for your life! We’re not going to TELL YOU what to do, we’re going to SHOW YOU how it’s done. You and your daughters, your moms, your sisters, your aunts, your grandmoms, your girlfriends… will leave this event knowing that you have what it takes using what you have right now to get what you want in life.

DON’T MISS OUT and DON’T LET THE WOMEN YOU CARE ABOUT MISS OUT. Admission is FREE, Parking is FREE… all you have to do is register and show up! http://createyourownsizzle.eventbrite.com/.”


Miss Kemya


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    This contest is such a great idea! Any aspiring speaker seeking to target women hungry for empowerment should enter this contest!

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