Engage Better With Your Customers Through Event Marketing

There are so many ways that a business can connect better with their customers. We have to say that some businesses, both well established and newly established, are terrible with customers engagement. There are some, however, that are showing the world how it’s done.

Google, for example, is an all round good egg. Their business is one of the most incredibly marketed businesses in the world. Everyone knows Google, and Google knows how to know everyone. They also know how to treat their staff well. This is a massive business that offers so many insights into customer engagement. Small businesses can take pages from the Google book of customer engagement and apply some of their techniques as well.

We know that it can sometimes feel as though you’re struggling to connect with your customers, and perhaps lately you’re noticing a reduced amount of sales and are starting to worry. Well, fear not. If there’s one thing you can rely on for a quick boost of sales, it’s an adjustment in marketing techniques to either something new or something you know has worked in the past. Keep on reading and we’ll show how you can stimulate brand awareness through event marketing to engage better with your customers.

Engage Better With Your Customers Through Event Marketing

It’s All About Psychology

They say that marketing is all about psychology, and it most definitely is. There are many people working for huge marketing brands that have previously been qualified psychologists. The reason for this is that these psychologists understand how the mind works, which translates to things like pain point, shopping patterns, and buyer behavior.

Marketing is all about connecting with the mind of the consumer in the short amount of time that you have their attention. Experts say that if you can tap into what appeals to a customer, even if it doesn’t relate specifically to your product, you’ll gain more attention than if you just focus on your product itself. This is more commonly known as focusing on the benefits of a product, as opposed to its features.

A prime example is tanning lotion. If a brand was to just sell the product in a plain white background with a pretty woman talking about it, as some do, the reach will be far less. But if it were to start with someone relaxing in a tropical paradise, hundreds of thousands more people would be engaged. If you can take this psychology and relate it to your brand and the marketing methods you’re using, your reach will be far more.

The Power Of Events 

This one relates to psychology as well. Let’s face it, people love events! There are big benefits behind events that connect people. Scientists have proven that it helps to improve human connection, boost happiness, and the vibe is always so good. Festivals for brand engagement are great because everyone is living in the moment and taking in everything around them.

When hosting an event, be sure to include fun branding elements throughout the space, whether. Things like banners, branded Instagram frames, handheld props, and take home swag are all items that can be branded to leave a lasting impression on guests. For example, if attendees were to see banners full of color and life, AND your brand, that will stick in their mind for weeks to come. You’ve instantly made a connection with a potential customer because they saw something that caught their eye whilst they were feeling so happy. So always remember how strong the power of events is!

Bridge the Gap Between Offline and Online

It’s also a great time to generate awareness for your business online. Here are a few ideas to consider.

  1. Add your website URL to every piece of marketing or promotional material.
  2. Share news and interesting experiences or photos from the event on social media.
  3. Encourage the people you meet at your event to connect with you on social media. Consider creating an incentive. For example, if they follow you on Facebook you might enter them into a drawing for a free product or service.
  4. Create a hashtag for the event. Position the hashtag in all of your relevant marketing materials.
  5. Share testimonials and reviews from the event on your website. Consider also creating blog posts to discuss topics covered during the event or interesting things that happened.

Finally, make sure you’re avoiding bland and boring marketing advertisements or campaigns. When you’re promoting an event, you have to get people to feel the excitement in order to encourage them to attend. Invest in quality campaigns that don’t look like they’ve been done on a budget, and give guests an experience to remember. They’ll tell a friend, post about it on social media, and keep the momentum going!

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