It’s Time to Separate: Why You Shouldn’t Sync Twitter and Facebook

14 thoughts on “It’s Time to Separate: Why You Shouldn’t Sync Twitter and Facebook

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  • Rozanne Paxman

    I agree with this one. They demand different types of posts and interaction levels. I’ve also read that Facebook hates this sort of thing that it doesn’t want to show anybody posts that are automatically posted like this. I know I had a friend who used to do it and I stopped following her page completely. If I want to read her Twitter posts, I’ll read them on Twitter.

    Good advice!

    (P.S. I’m one of your SITS Tribe members)

    • Thanks Rozanne! I say the same thing, and I will never click a Facebook link if I’m on Twitter. I’ve started unfollowing a few people who autosync, I don’t feel like they want to engage me at all. Nice to meet you!

  • Janelle

    Woooosahhh…. Okay fine you win! I won’t do it anymore but really I try to do it with just my photos. I feel like people want visuals everywhere and that’s what I try to give them. Maybe I over do it (should probably stick to IG) I’ll try it your way. I will also share this post because many people do the same thing!

    • Hahaha, score! If you really just want to share the photos, you can sync your Instagram to both Twitter and Facebook, like many people do. That should help. And thanks for commenting and sharing!

  • Stephen C. Hogan

    Having a great discussion on the “Exception to the rule” of connecting Twitter and Facebook. While, I agree that connecting them’s a mostly fruitless endeavor. There are certain instances where it’s a necessary “evil”. Again, I don’t recommend the majority connect them. It’s just not a good idea… UNLESS, you are only planning to do it as awareness to other places found, and topics/content shared. Maybe for a month, then, disconnect, and laser focus your content specifically to each platform. This direct connection May be most important when first creating an account on either platform. You need all the exposure you can get. To let people know and see that you are active on there. But, once established, it’s time to disconnect, and get FOCUSED.

    • So true Stephen, once you’re established and understand the nuances of each platform, you should disconnect the platforms and focus your content and engagement separately. Thanks for commenting and sharing your perspective!

  • Sonia Harris

    Thanks for this post. I used to automatically post to Facebook and Twitter and came up against the exact problem you talk about. I decided to post separately and now write for Facebook and write something shorter and punchier for Twitter. I also learnt recently that people interact differently on these two social media platforms. Facebook is of course more visual – pictures, videos etc and Twitter – quick sound bites and faster feeds. Thanks again. I will definitely share this post.

    • Bravo for understanding the importance of separation Sonia! I love what you said, “write something shorter and punchier for Twitter” – that’s exactly what Twitter users want to read. Thanks for commenting and sharing!

  • Totally sharing this post everywhere because this needs to be understood. It’s SO annoying to see on Twitter, a Facebook update you can’t even read. I’m not leaving Twitter to go to Facebook just to read it…why should I? I’m on Twitter…lol

    Love this post!

    • Thanks Tamyka! I know I’m not the only one who gets annoyed by this. People don’t realize most tweets on Facebook just look ridiculous, and it makes me not want to follow people on both platforms. I never click Facebook links on Twitter because I don’t want to be on Facebook, I’m on Twitter. If only we could get people to understand…

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