Do Press Releases Still Work In the Online World?

One of the oldest marketing ploys around is the old-fashioned press release. But, do they still work? The short answer is that if you have a newsworthy reason to issue a press release, then by all means you should do it.

Press releases still have great value for many reasons. They still get results, although not always the types of result you might expect.

Do Press Releases Still Work?

Yes they do! Here are several reasons why you should consider using press releases as part of your marketing strategy:

Press releases are still an effective way to get your message out to the masses, even in the online world. Keep reading to find out why and how to include press releases in your marketing arsenal.



Number 1: Low Cost

Press releases are still relatively low-cost ways to get the word out about a new product, service, or event. This is true whether you do it yourself or hire a service to do it for you. If you are choosy about when you send a press release as well as to whom it is sent, the cost will be a lot less than other forms of advertising.

Number 2: Improves SEO

Today, one of the biggest benefits of a press release lies in the SEO value. Google Search still places a press release at high value in term of content. This is mostly because scammers don’t typically spend a lot of time, money and effort on producing press releases, so if your business does then you must be legitimate.

Number 3: Potential for Wider Exposure

Even when you target your press releases they can be picked up by others, and often are if they fit a news story someone wants to tell. Therefore, you have a large potential to reach so many more people than via normal advertising methods.

Number 4: Becomes Part of Your Branded History

Press releases, especially delivered online, become part of the record and can be found long after the opening, product launch or other newsworthy event. In this way, someone who is looking can find a record of your business.

Number 5: Establishes Expertise

The record and combination of releases will help establish you and your business as experts in your niche. They help get your name or the name of your business associated with a professional business.

Number 6: Enhances Credibility

People who don’t take their business seriously don’t send press releases. So by sending them out you are establishing that you’re a serious contender and business entity, which will give you credibility with your audience.

Number 7: Improves Branding

Any way that you can regularly get the word out about what your business is doing, through blogs, articles, and press releases, will improve your brand’s image, especially if you make it part of your normal marketing efforts.

Number 8: Viral Potential

Every press release you send out has the potential of going viral if you send it to the right people at the right time. What might be the right time? Here are a couple of options to demonstrate this concept.

Example 1: Does your business take advantage of seasonal topics? Prepare for seasonal shifts by creating press releases that can help others ahead of time. For example, if your business helps moms, creating a press release around back to school themes has the potential to hit tons of news sites and go viral!

Example 2: Consider trending topics and tying in your business as a resource. For example, as you scour the news you may notice trending topics in or outside of your industry. Do you have a strong position on a topic? Can you incorporate a trending topic into a newsworthy article? Perhaps you can provide insights for or against the trend. Write a press release about it!

When crafting press releases, be sure to not only send them out, but also to share the online version on your blog, website, and via social media accounts to help the process. If you do them regularly, you probably need to create a Media page on your website (at a minimum) that includes not only your press releases, but your media mentions as well.

As you can tell, a press release is useful for a variety of special events occurring in your business, including:

  • a new JV partnership
  • product launch
  • fundraiser donation
  • sponsoring an event
  • making a prediction
  • demonstrating expertise tied into current events
  • announcing an exhibit at a trade show or convention.

At a minimum you should send out a press release any time you open a new business, add a new product or service to your lineup., or win an award. You can send out a press release on anything that is newsworthy to report about your business to the world.

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