Build Your Business and Travel Like The Suitcase Entrepreneur [Book Review]

The Suitcase Entrepreneur is THE resource for anyone who wants to build a virtual empire that reflects their dream lifestyle. Natalie Sisson has written THE comprehensive manual for how to go about building a truly location independent business and lifestyle.

If you have a laptop and a smartphone, buy this book and you will have all the tools you need to circle the globe while building an empire!

But here’s why this comprehensive handbook of resources and insights is so important: it’s not theory. It’s straight up facts on what Natalie has done, the tools Natalie has used, how she manages to travel the world and continuously evolve into a mega brand.

Suitcase Entrepreneur Book Cover
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She shares her personal story, to show you that anyone who dreams of living this lifestyle can have it. She doesn’t glam it up to make it sound like a bunch of roses, she tells you the truth, what worked, what didn’t, what she would do differently, and more.

Natalie also shares the stories of other location independent entrepreneurs, and these stories will undoubtedly inspire you to reach higher levels in your own business. You will be amazed at just how do-able this lifestyle really can be. A location independent business can be had by anyone who decides to go for it!

This is not a book to put on the shelf or save for later.

This is a book to use, to take notes, highlight pages, circle resources and refer to over and over again.

No matter what stage of business you’re in, you will learn how to run a business from literally anywhere in the world that suits your dream lifestyle.

Whenever I have a question about running a virtual business, whether it’s finding an app, managing my time, travel ideas, I turn to Natalie Sisson first. Now, with The Suitcase Entrepreneur book, she shares her treasure trove of resources, recommendations and strategies to make a location independent lifestyle work for anyone who dares to live it!

You won’t have to waste time any more time searching for the best tools and resources. Natalie has the answer, and now you will too with this thick handbook!

Do yourself a favor and get the paperback version of this book, since you will be highlighting in it and taking notes on the go! The null will be great for when you want to sit at your laptop and do some research too.

Both versions Kemya? Yup, buy both versions! It’s that thick and that comprehensive.

Be sure to come back here and post a comment, tell me how you like it!

Miss Kemya

Note – This is my opinion, offered freely for my fellow (and wannabe) virtual, location independent entrepreneurs. I recommend it so often that I figured I’d just write about it. I was not paid or compensated in any way for this review, I just think the book is awesome!


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