Blog Safety Precautions: Is Your Blog As Safe As It Could Be?

You’re proud of your blog, and you’re proud of what it does for you. You bring all kinds of visitors to your website, you make them fall in love with your quality blog content, and now you’re sitting comfortably with all the benefits that brings with it. Of course, blogging can get a bit tricky from time to time, but there’s no serious drawback you can come up with from all your years penning away on the internet!

However, there might be one in the form of blog security. The internet can be a scary place, after all, and there are a lot of threats out there. You never know when one of them may target your blog! And because of that, it’s important to know whether or not your blog is as safe as it could be. Maybe we’ll be able to help with that, when you implement the blog safety precautions below.

Blog Safety Precautions: Is Your Blog As Safe As It Could Be?

Blog Safety Advice Is Your Blog As Safe As It Could Be

Keep Your Comment Section Moderated

Of course, one of the best things you can do to keep your blog safe is to moderate your comments section very closely. One of the easiest ways to do this is to set it up so comments have to be approved before they can be posted. Of course, this isn’t always an easy feat. Once a blog starts getting ranked, the spammers come out. And trying to discern between spam comments and legitimate comments can become a job in and of itself. Instead of filtering these comments manually, you could use a spam filter. There are plenty of plugins available for that, so have a look around and see if you can find one that fits your purpose.

Always Have a Backup

If you want to keep your blog safe, you should create a backup of it. And not just once; back your blog up as many times as possible. Hopefully, whenever a significant change takes place! After all, the more content you’re able to keep in a backup, the better your chances of surviving any host changes or server attacks. And you’ll never be worried about accidentally deleting something either.

If you’re using WordPress, it can be very easy to back up your blog. Under the ‘tools’ section of the dashboard you run your blog on, you should be able to find an ‘export’ button. Click that and then save the resulting file to your computer!

And even if you’re self-hosting, you can complete a backup in a similarly easy way. No matter whether you’re using WordPress or a similar system, you should establish blog safety precautions using your content management system, to keep your blog functioning online. You should be able to access the ‘settings’ tab, and be able to export and save a copy of your blog at its most recent state. You can likely go into a little more detail with the process here, for example, if you’d like to save more than just your pages and your comment section.

Without a backup, you’re always going to have to start from scratch. And if you don’t keep raw files of your content on your computer already, you’re going to struggle to put everything back into place in case anything goes awry.

Protect Your Network From Attacks, Wherever They May Be!

If you’re running your own business alongside a blog of your own, you might just be running your own network as well. You’ve got people to keep connected, and you’ve got data to keep accessible, and one of the best ways to do that is to manage your own server and network! It can be cheaper, for keeping businesses on the same page, and it definitely feels a lot more professional than breaking out a USB every single time you need to check up on something…

But of course, there could still be security risks here. A USB might retain the chance of losing what’s stored on it every time you plug and unplug it, but an entire network can be the focus of an outside intrusion. Which means, at the very least, you need to set up and keep up a firewall for the whole system.

At the same time, eliminating security risks in your IT can be done via closer, expert management. This means something like tracker systems and network professionals constantly running checks and operations. It probably isn’t something you could manage yourself, but at the very least, there’s definitely malware and antivirus software out there you could invest in!

Bottom Line

Blog safety is not something to be taken lightly. It takes a lot of work to maintain an active blog, and that time cannot be recovered. This is why you need to establish protocols for backing up your blog, whether you can implement these yourself, or you outsource it. Keeping your blog safe is no easy feat, so make sure you put a little more time and effort into the operation. You’ve got a lot of power over your own corner of the internet, so put it to good use.

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