Best Advice I Ever Received: A Pivotal Decision Needs To Be Made

I’ve had plenty of advice given to me over the years, some good, and some just sucked.

However, a few years ago, my hubby gave me a piece of advice that turned out to be pivotal to my lifestyle, my business, and my future. Would you like to hear about it? Here ya go!

How it started

I danced between being a stay-at-home mom and keeping a regular 9-to-5 job since having kids. I’d get a job ( a good one by some folks standards), stay a couple years, leave and come back home, get another job, stay a couple years, leave and come back home… you get the idea.

Every job I secured couldn’t squash my overwhelming sense of being  my own boss. Never mind the fact that I never liked getting up so freakin early to go build somebody else’s dream. We’ll skip over the fact that breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, and I like to cook a full breakfast. And we’ll completely ignore my kids being homeschooled, and the extra responsibility of being a homeschooling mom while holding down a full-time job. Yeah, it’s possible…

I had a taste of entrepreneurship a lifetime ago when I was on my first maternity leave. Ooooo I caught the itch and couldn’t shake it!

Best Advice I Ever Received


It’s time for a change

So it was one of those days that I was whining about going to work, being tired of being the best employee ever and not being compensated to my satisfaction, disgusted by my commute ( I live in Atlanta, GA – notoriously bad traffic), when my dear hubby challenged me.

He said, (and I’m paraphrasing),

In order to become a successful entrepreneur, I have to make a decision: either go all in and commit to becoming a full time entrepreneur, and stop teeter tottering between the (false) security of a dead-end full time job. Or, continue to be annoyed at my circumstances and hinder my own success. After all, you cannot be a successful entrepreneur full-time AND work a full-time job. Not. Gonna. Happen.

Now of course me being a dutiful wife I didn’t listen the first twenty times he said this, but eventually it started to sink in.

What did I finally do with this piece of advice?

I made an exit strategy, followed it close enough, stuck to my guns, and went for it! My lifestyle is now what I make it, I enjoy a location-independent business, and I can cook a full breakfast every day and not rush to eat it. Did I mention the stress headaches magically disappeared?

That was some pretty good advice, and I fully credit my hubby for forcing my hand on this one.

Miss Kemya

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    Wow Kemya! This is great. Its been an on-going struggle for us working full-time since we are now in the beginning stages of our business. Stepping out to focus on your dream full-time is not an easy road, but will be very rewarding. Thanks for sharing.

    • You’re welcome! You are not alone in your daily struggle, it takes determination to keep pushing towards your dreams. Just remember, we’ve all been there. Keep at it!

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