Best Ways to Connect With These Popular Types of Social Media Fans

When you’re posting on social media, do you have a specific viewer in mind? Are you looking for a response from your raving social media fans? Or are you trying to lure the quiet lurker out of her shell?

People respond in different ways to social media content. When you’re creating content to share, how often do you consider the energy and attitudes of your fans?

Social Media Fans: Who Are They?

This handy infographic sheds light on the seven most popular types of social media fans, and how they affect your brand:

  • Quiet follower – I’m lookin, I’m lurkin, and I just might read your updates
  • Casual liker – I like some of your stuff
  • Deal seeker – what can you do for me?
  • Unhappy customer – I’m disappointed and I’m telling on you!
  • Ranter – I feel like being mad at somebody
  • Cheerleader – Everything you do rocks! Rah rah sis boom bah!
  • Loyal fan – I’ve got your back jack!

More importantly, you will learn how to connect with each of these types of fans. That’s the key takeaway.

You can use this infographic to connect with different types of social media fans. As you plan your brand messaging it’s important to meet the specific needs of each type of social media fan. Do that, and you’ll be applauded by your community!



I readily admit, I may personify any of these types of social media fans on a given day.

Well… scratch that. I’m rarely a ranter, but I have been know to be an unhappy customer a time or two. (You have to really piss me off for me to blast you on social media. I’m not willy-nilly with publicizing my less-than-stellar brand experiences.)

Anywho… enough about me.

Miss Kemya

On an average day, which type of social media fan are you?



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