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I can’t count how many times I have been asked how I work online. How I can run a 100% virtual business. Where to get online business ideas. You see, this is the norm for me and my entrepreneur, location independent friends. And maybe you too! But it’s still a new phenomenon for a large part of society.

Then when I get to explaining all the intricacies of a virtual business, I get the same look. It’s an “A-HA, holy cow, how in the world, who lives like that” expression. It’s priceless!

You see, while living and working online has become my new normal, people still don’t understand the possibilities. They wonder how they too can work online, what they can create, share and generate as a stream of revenue.

Enter the “what are some online business ideas for me” questions.

So when I came across this infographic on Entrepreneur.com, I knew I had to share it! It answers so many questions and it’s an easy starting point for people who are wondering what kind of business to start online.

5 Best Online Business Ideas to Start Today

Whether you have an existing business, you want to set up your own online store, or you just wanna sell other people’s products and make some money, there are online business ideas out here for you.

  1. Sell what you already have: knowledge
  2. Selling what you make: crafts
  3. Drop shipping: a storefront with no inventory required
  4. Affiliate marketing: you don’t need to have your own product
  5. DIY patterns and design: instructions and tutorials rule the web

As you can tell, this covers the gamut of most businesses YOU can start today! Consider this your writing-on-the-wall to get started!

5 Best Online Business Ideas to Start Today Infographic by Distributel

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