3 Keys to Website Conversions That Are Often Overlooked

Your business needs digital marketing, there are no two ways about that fact. Even the smallest business cannot realistically compete with anyone these days without a digital presence. This is true even if it is just to provide information to your customers about where you are, and what times you are open.

People expect information at the touch of a screen. If people are coming to you, then they expect Google maps to know where you are. If they want to phone you, they should be able to pull your number up instantly. Even in a basic traditional business sense, getting this information out there takes local search engine optimization (SEO).

There are countless great Digital Marketing Case Studies that will prove to you that a combination of SEO and social media marketing will drive organic traffic to your business. This includes proof that your social media channels can pull in huge crowds, using the right types of posts, during the right time of day. In addition, using SEO techniques such as keyword optimization, strong backlinks, and canonical URL management will mean that you can get your website higher up in the search results.

3 Keys to Website Conversions That Are Often Overlooked

But there is more to it than just getting customers through the doors. Creating more and more opportunities for business is what you should be aiming for.

So, how can you take advantage of digital marketing to convert those website visitors?

3 Keys to Website Conversions That Are Often Overlooked


Create A Clear Message

If your customers are on your website and they are confused about what you offer, they will eventually get bored and look at your competitors who can communicate better.

Saying what you mean can sometimes be tricky. When you read back the text that you have just written you will understand it because it came from your mind. But, there is always a chance that this has not translated to your desired audience. It may not make too much sense in the mind of your readers.

If you are ever in doubt about whether or not your message is coming across in anything that you are putting on your site, get someone else to read through it, and sense-check it. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Create A Visually Pleasing Site

If there is too much going on all over the screen when a customer loads your website, they will bounce off and go elsewhere. You need to be able to provide a simple and easy to navigate site that looks great on every page.

What’s the clutter level on your site? Here are a few things you can check:

    • Is there a balance of text and visuals?
    • Are you using headers and subheaders to make it easy to skim the content?
    • Are the paragraphs too long for the mobile reader?
    • Do the colors contrast well, or do they blend together?
    • Is the font size too small to read easily?
    • Are ads popping up at every turn? (This is a huge turn off for me!)

Think about simplifying everything and go with a minimalistic look to the site so that you are not tripping over information.

Make Sure Your Site Actually Works Well

This is so obvious that people kinda forget about it. There are a few things that are going to be huge problems when it comes to getting people onto your site. Aside from generating traffic to your site, you have to consider what happens when a visitor lands. This includes the speed that the site loads at, and how well the site works on other, mobile devices.

Having a site that runs using enough bandwidth is crucial. Get too many visitors for your hosting plan, and that traffic may crash your site. Look at increasing this if you can.

According to a recent study, mobile devices account for 48% of web page views worldwide. Therefore, you should also ensure that your site is fully optimized for mobile devices. Since so many of people tend to use smartphones for most of their browsing, you want to provide an easy, responsive experience for your audience.

Bottom Line

When using digital marketing, it is important to remember that there is a goal tied to your efforts. Use these tips to update your website and increase your conversions.

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