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Feature Business Spotlight: Word of Mom Radio

“The mission of Word of Mom Radio is to empower MOMpreneurs and Business Women by giving them a voice and a place to share their goals and dreams.”

Word of Mom Radio is the radio show for MOMpreneurs – the NEW Business Woman, sharing the wisdom of women on the BlogTalkRadio.com airwaves.

Growing up, we were told that women can’t have it all; MOMpreneurs are breaking those myths daily as we find the balance between building a business and raising a family.

The new business woman doesn’t have to sacrifice a home and family to be successful; MOMpreneurs are not dabbling in business in between bake sales and having their nails done. Women are smart, savvy professionals and Word of Mom Radio brings them to the forefront as we give voice to these amazing women and share a place where MOMpreneurs support MOMpreneurs as the NEW Business Women taking the world by storm.

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Phisco Marketing is a Proud Sponsor of Word of Mom Radio


What makes Word of Mom radio so awesome?

Word of Mom Radio is true to its mission of empowering women to share their goals and dreams. The various radio programs are hosted by show sponsors and the Founder Dori DeCarlo.

Dori is a fellow MOMpreneur herself! In addition to hosting Word of Mom Radio, she created Safety Bags, a line of laptop bags and backpacks that meet all federal guidelines as checkpoint friendly, which means jet-setting Mompreneurs and busy travelers no longer need to remove their laptops at airport security checkpoints.

The program lineup is a great mix of business and personal interests, so there is something for every mom out there.  Moms can learn about everything from prenatal vitamins and getting the baby to sleep, to managing your time as a mother and entrepreneur, to marketing your business using social media like a pro!

The programming covers the spectrum of issues and interests of women as moms and professionals. What more can you ask for?

I ‘met’ Dori on Twitter a number of years ago, and started listening to the Word of Mom radio show and instantly became a fan. I am so much a fan that I am a MOMpreneur sponsor of Word of Mom Radio! I tune in live and when I can’t make it, I listen to the archives, which offer a treasure trove of information and resources.

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Join Word of Mom Radio at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/wordofmomradio
LIVE Tuesday 1pmET, Thursday 2pmET and Sunday 9pmET.


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