What Do Clients Need To Know Before They Begin Working With You?

Oftentimes as business owners, we make the obvious invisible. For example, we often use industry jargon that our clients do not understand.

We often have expectations that clients understand the process, whatever that process is. When in fact, they have no idea of the process and they’re looking to us as the product or service provider for guidance.

One of the more common false assumptions we make as business owners, particularly service providers, is that potential clients know what we do, how we do it, and what they need to do.

Ha! Nothing could be further from the truth.

What do clients need to know before they hire you?

When a prospective client is considering hiring a service provider, it is often with a bit of nervousness and naiveté about what it is we do. And they usually don’t know how they should prepare to work with us. Or what we need them to prepare ahead of time.

So why not get your prospective clients prepared to work with, in advance?

What do they need to prepare for they work with you? Is this information obvious? Just because you thin k it’s obvious doesn’t mean that your prospect is thinking in this way.

Are your clients coming to you ready to begin? If not, share this “prep work” as content on social media! You might be surprised about how many people are lurking in your social media audience. Wouldn’t it be great if, when that lurker decides to contact you to discuss your services, they already know what they need to have prepared?

This is every service provider’s dream! So why not share the kinds of things that would help your future clients prepare to work with you as content on social media. 🤔

Of course, your FAQs page on your website may do some of this heavy lifting for you. But what about those who are lurking on social media. Posting this kind of exploratory q-and-a content on social media helps people to subtly learn more about your processes, and it gives you great, valuable content to post on social media.

Those looky-loos and lurkers can be in the background getting ready to hit your “hire me” button without you even knowing it. Use your social media content to help them along.

Bonus Idea

Here’s a bonus idea: Go ahead and make a few videos about this “prep”. These videos can pull double duty: social media content and they give you somewhere to point your new clients as part of your onboarding process. Talk about making life easier, am I right?! ⠀

Have fun with it! What’s one thing you can share with your audience about how to prepare to work with you? Something they wouldn’t necessarily know? Share in the comments! 👇

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