The Highs and Lows of Leading A Team Remotely

It’s safe to say that your business is always going to need some time and attention. But will you always know what you need? Not always. Let’s consider three of the biggest needs for a business – you know, aside from more sales…

First things first, maybe you need to come up with a marketing plan? If you know that you don’t really have any direction right now, then it could be that you need to sit down and work out what marketing activity you can do and when. This may help you to propel your business in the right direction. Hiring a professional to help you figure this out could save you a considerable amount of time and money. wink wink

Or perhaps, it could be that you know you need to launch a new product. When that’s the case, you may find that you really want to be able to see what kind of things your customers need right now. Can you see a gap in the market? Are they always asking you for something in particular? What is it that you can offer them that they might want to snap up right away?

Highs and Lows of Leading A Team Remotely

The third thing you may need is some help. Are you struggling to do everything yourself? Do you need an expert to work with you that has a certain capacity? Then if that’s the case, it’s important for you to make sure that you are outsourcing work or finding the right team to work with you on the business growth.

Today, many teams work remotely. With the advent of teleconferencing, smartphones, and video chat platforms, there are many reasons why remote teams are more cost effective for businesses, both big and small. However, leading a remote team is not without its challenges. After all, you can’t simply walk down the hall to chat about the latest project.

For more insights on the highs and lows of running a team virtually, just take a look at the infographic below. This should help you to decide how much of your business you want to run remotely.

Infographic Design By University of Alabama Birmingham


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