Join Me For The Ultimate Blog Party 2014 #UBP14

Hello everyone! I'm a first-timer, participating in #UBP14, the Ultimate Blog Party with How exciting!   About Me So I'm  Miss Kemya, married homeschooling mom of 2, doggie lover, coffee and chocacholic. Native Philly chic living in Atlanta, GA. I'm one of those creative types; I love all kinds of fabric, architecture, and flowers. Of course you can visit my About Me page to learn more about me. I've pretty much always loved marketing... yes the thing so many people run away from, I run towards it! Went to school for it, went back for some more of it, and continue to learn about it! I love a good strategy session; my clients get to grow  their businesses and I get to flex my creative marketing muscles. Twitter is my social media…
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