Systems Summits: Profit During the Holiday Shopping Frenzy

Ask many entrepreneurs, particularly solopreneurs and micro business owners, what their biggest challenge is, and the will often say “time.” Time to get the work done. Time to plan. Time to connect with prospects. Time to do a myriad of tasks they can rattle off.

Time is the number one challenge for small businesses and I feel your pain. Have you ever uttered…

  • “I don’t have enough time to get it all done.”
  • “I need more time to do what’s really important.”
  • “My plate is full.”

The question is, do you really need MORE time? Or do you need SYSTEMS and STRATEGIES to make this your most profitable holiday season yet?

Tap Into the Holiday Shopping Frenzy with Systems Summits October 27-28

We know you don’t have time to waste, so we won’t spend 95% of the time talking about how fabulous we are. You need systems and strategies, and we got ’em for you!

Meet the Systems Summits team of industry experts, who will efficiently show you the WhyWhat, and How to tap into the holiday shopping frenzy!


Check out the schedule here, and grab your free ticket here!

The summit is completely free to attend, and you have access to the presentations for 48 hours of replay. However, I highly recommend you upgrade to the All Access Pass, where you get lifetime access to the presentations, PLUS over $4000 worth of bonuses from the presenters, including me!

My bonuses that are exclusive to the All Access Pass:

    • Full Workbook: Create Your Promotional Calendar & Avoid The Holiday Sales Slump
    • Bonus LIVE Q&A Call November 1, at 7pmEST/4pmPST

Systems Summits October 2021 Speakers

So what am I speaking on? Systems and marketing, of course!

Topic 1: How To Prepare Your Business For More Holiday Sales

Most of the time, when we think about holiday, we focus on marketing. But there’s more to the holiday shopping season than marketing and sales. We have to make sure our business is ready for business!

Attend this presentation and learn:

    • How to get more eyes on your business, before the holidays
    • My top 2 traffic-driving website pages that you can add to your website right now
    • Which systems might be leaking sales, that you can plug today

Get your business prepared for more holiday sales! Don’t forget to snatch up your bonus cheatsheet!

Topic 2: Your 8 Step Marketing Plan to Profit Over the Holiday Season

Whether you are a product based or service-based business, you can cash in on the flurry of activity this holiday shopping season. If you want to join the holiday shopping frenzy, you’ll need a road map that includes ways to identify your goals, measure what’s working, and tweak as needed. this presentation is for you!

Use the marketing strategies in this presentation to

    • Define your sales goals
    • Streamline your promotions
    • Create a realistic marketing plan to make more money

You don’t have to wing it this holiday season, nor do you have to pour all your money down the Facebook ads rabbit hole. Attend this presentation, craft a profitable marketing plan using this easy-to-follow strategy, and fast track your way to profits! Don’t forget to download your bonus cheatsheet!

Systems Summits October 2021 Speaker Miss Kemya Presents

This is not another virtual event where everyone spends time talking about how wonderful they are, instead of providing the actionable content they promised. We’re doing things different over here!

So click here to register for the Systems Summits, and I’ll see ya there!

Miss Kemya


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