Why Two Overachievers Launched Just Blog It

Why did we create Just Blog It?   Because we’re overachievers!

I’m supposed to be writing about why I joined the Just Blog It Challenge as today’s writing prompt. However, since I’m a co-host/creator of Just Blog It, I’ll explain why we created this ambitious challenge in the first place and how we’re doing so far.

The Story Behind Just Blog It

As the saying goes, brilliant minds think alike! I guess that means me and my Just Blog It co-host Brandi Starr are pretty brilliant. Unbeknownst to us, we had both been thinking about creating a blog challenge for a while but just never got around to it.

Why we launched just blog it

Enter us attending the same conference a few months ago, with no idea the other was going to be in the room.

We get to talking, sharing some of the same interests and ideas, and we vow to take action. You know how people always talk about we need to work together, we need to do this that and the other thing?

This blog challenge is a result of that take action conversation to GET. STUFF.DONE.

Our goal was simple:

Lead by example and demonstrate the value of blogging to small businesses and entrepreneurs. 

We’re both in marketing and we understand the value of blogging as a venue to demonstrate your credibility, expertise and position yourself as an authority. We know the SEO benefits. We recognize the impact a blog has on your marketing efforts.

But we had to convince entrepreneurs of this. You see, many entrepreneurs whine about not having time to blog, even though they know they should be doing it. Uh huh, I said it!

Most small business owners don’t participate in blog challenges. Most have never even heard of a blog challenge.

This means we had to convince busy biz owners to make the time to blog, to actually blog AND convince them to join our Just Blog It 30 day challenge.

Clearly, both me and Brandi need medication.

It’s Time to Launch Just Blog It

Fast forward… we launched Just Blog It with a basic goal of getting entrepreneurs to blog. We laid everything out , so all a participant has to do is blog.

    • Graphics and badges for sharing online, done.
    • Daily writing prompts so they’d have thirty days of topics to write about, done.
    • Twitter parties and Pinterest boards to encourage social sharing between participants, done.
    • Dedicated website to share published posts and check out each other’s posts so we can share the comment love, done.
    • Cheat sheets and resources, plus blogging tips from marketing pros, done.

We literally laid all of this out. 

Pretty cool, huh? Told you, we’re both overachievers!

Just Blog It Goals & Accomplishments So Far

Are we achieving our goals? You better believe we are!

We surpassed the number of registrants we expected.

We even got a few people to launch their blogs and participate in Just Blog It! Say what?! Complete newbies are now blogging, every day no less. We are so proud of them!

Our goals for the challenge haven’t changed.

We’re certain bloggers that are participating and hitting that publish button are enjoying the benefits of blogging.

They’re getting blog comments, brand new and increased traffic, people sharing their posts on social media, and they’re getting ideas for topics to blog about once the challenge is over.

So that’s the story behind Just Blog It. It is a ton of work on our part, but it has been a rewarding experience!

Miss Kemya



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