Stiletto Thrive 2014 Twitter Chat Series

The Stiletto Thrive Twitter Chat Series is set to take over Twitter for four Wednesdays, starting on March 12, 2014, using the hashtag #StilettoThrive.

The Twitter Chat Series is an opportunity for you to get acquainted with the featured speakers of the Stiletto Thrive Conference. Get expert advice and gain insight from women entrepreneurs progressing in their respective industries.

Stiletto Thrive 2014 Twitter Chat

Join us on Twitter, every Wednesday from March 12 through April 2 at 8pm EST, using hashtag #StilettoThrive. 

Did you know?

The Stiletto Woman In Business Awards Conference is now the Stiletto Thrive Womenpreneur Lifestyle Conference!  Visit the new website at for tickets and info.


Stiletto Woman Thrive

Weekly Schedule – Wednesdays at 8pm EST


If any of these apply to you…

    • not familiar with SWIBA but want to learn more about the awards and conference
    • wondering if you should attend the live conference in June 2014
    • want to get a preview of what to expect before you buy a ticket
    • current (or aspiring) women solo, micro, or independent business owner

…then the Twitter Chat Series was designed specifically for you!  

For conference details, registration, and to meet the SWIBA Award Finalists, visit the Stiletto Woman Thrive website.


I’ll see you in the chat room!

Miss Kemya
SWIBA Awards Advisory Board Member 

If you want my personal take on the Stiletto Woman In Business Awards,
read my earlier posts for an event preview, recap, and updates.



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