A Complete Guide to Social Media Image Sizes [Infographic]

We’ve all noticed the shift towards visual marketing. All the major platforms are getting more image-friendly, with updated cover dimensions, photo options, and fancy new layouts.

I’m all for change, but gimme a break… who can remember all the details? Who keeps up with all the updated social media image sizes, heights, widths, and character limits? Certainly not I, I’m not a graphic designer, and I’m simply not that organized.

To say that keeping track of social media updates is an overwhelming challenge is a gross understatement. As these platforms continue to evolve, one of the major changes they like to roll out are the social media image sizes, you know, the profile sizes, photo sizes, covers, etc.

Lucky for us, the wonderful folks over at Curious Ink created a “ridiculously exhaustive” blueprint that we can work with. This infographic illustrates the social media image sizes (heights and widths) for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube.  Whahooooo!

Without further ado, I present The Ridiculously Exhaustive Social Media Design Blueprint, courtesy of Curious Ink and Tent Media.  So go ahead, get to designing and redesigning!

Social Media Design Dimensions – An infographic by the team at Curious Ink

Pretty awesome right? I know, I figured you’d like it! My only caveat: social media is always changing, so by the time you reconfigure and upload your new graphics, don’t be surprised if the dimensions change again.

Miss Kemya