Social Media Is Not A Bullhorn, Please Stop Screaming At Me

I have noticed there are lots of entrepreneurs that use “follow me” or “like my page” as their social media strategy. They’re offering zero in the way of engagement, fostering networking, conversation or interaction. Have you noticed this too? Does it drive you nuts? Or… are you one of the offenders?

You don’t have to admit it publicly. But if you are a fan of the bullhorn “team follow back” strategy, it’s ok, I’m going to help you out right now! First things first, please stop with the bullhorn tactics.

Social Media Is Not A Bullhorn, Please Stop Screaming At Me

Social Media Is Not A Bullhorn Please Stop Screaming At Me

No shouting allowed here

Social media is a relationship building tool, a way to meet and interact with your audience and peers. Social media is not a big bullhorn from which you shout your sales ads to everyone and anyone that you think will listen. More importantly, doing so will alienate a large percentage of people who might have been interested in following you or “liking” your page.

So you want to use social media as an advertising vehicle? Well, we just found the challenge. Pushing your business on customers via social media will make them pull away from you. So no pushing!

The old rules of advertising, as in tell the customer what they want, are slowly fading away. You cannot push your product on today’s informed consumer. Note: I’m not referring to review sites like Yelp, or sites that are specifically designed to advertise your business.

Think marketing and sales strategy

Instead of a “like me” strategy, define a real marketing and sales strategy, so that you aren’t just grabbing that bullhorn and simply shouting your latest sales specials. There is a strategic way you can advertise your business without looking like you are advertising your business. The key to advertising on social media is to be a subtle charmer. 

How to become a charming social media advertiser:

  1. Figure out who you want to sell to (your prospects) and go where they are.
  2. Find businesses that complement your business and cross promote with them. Think of affiliated vendors and organizations that would serve as a reputable partner. Join forces and cross promote each other!
  3. Make sure your business ranks well on search engines. It’s cliché, but it’s true.
  4. Give your fans and followers a reason to like and follow your business. For example, do you give sales and specials for your social media fans? Do you offer industry tips to help your fans be more productive? Do you have insider knowledge of special events that you share regularly?
  5. Choose quality over quantity. When using social media to gain exposure for your business, think beyond “likes” and #teamfollowback. This mere click of a button may make your numbers of fans look great, but how much is it doing for your bottom line? I dare say not much, unless you have a marketing and sales strategy in place to do something with those likes.

Watch what happens next…

If you invite your customers to become a part of your brand, engage in meaningful interactions, increase your site traffic, all resulting in more sales, guess what? You have learned to correctly use social media advertising. Congratulations!

Miss Kemya


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