Shoppable Instagram and UGC Campaigns: An eCommerce Success Strategy

With the boom of the Internet, online shopping has evolved to become more accessible for consumers.

If we rewind back to the year 2000, then the idea of products coming right to your doorstep was astounding enough for the consumers to rush to the digital space and order online. But now, people want more, more than just the product catalog every basic ecommerce store offers.

Hence, online businesses keep track of the opportunities and possibilities, to grab the ones that will boost their conversions to the maximum level.

Of all the possibilities, it’s time to introduce you to the advantages of Shoppable Instagram & UGC Campaigns. These could very well become the foundation of a perfect ecommerce success strategy for you.

Shoppable Instagram and UGC Campaigns: An eCommerce Success Strategy

Shoppable Instagram and UGC Campaigns eCommerce Success Strategy

Gone are the days when the biggest fear of any ecommerce brand was the number of bounce rates and cart abandonment rates. Instagram shoppable feed and UGC campaigns have enabled brands to stand tall in front of their competitors by incorporating result-driven and impactful visual UGC to influence potential customers to embark on the purchase journey.

More than 86% of companies today use user-generated content as part of their marketing strategy. Shoppable Instagram was introduced in 2018 to blend ecommerce and social media, giving voice to a new and evolved category: social commerce. Social commerce has enabled consumers to start and finish their purchase journey with brands right where they are, their favorite social media platform.

To add to that, brands have started using user-generated content (UGC) as their main content, making their customers their brand ambassadors and tagging these posts as shoppable with Instagram’s product tag feature. The vital benefit of UGC is that it is trustworthy and authentic, unlike the primary branded content shared by brands.

So the question becomes, how and why is it the best ecommerce success strategy? 

Shoppable IG and UGC Campaigns

Bring Instagram Shopping To Your Website

While Shoppable Instagram has been giving the perfect social shopping experience to the users, bring it on your website to do the same for your website visitors. When you create shoppable Instagram galleries for your website, equipped with buyable UGC, you bring authenticity to your website.

By doing so, you stand out in the world of competitive ecommerce by building brand trust among the visitors, while giving them better reasons to shop with your brand.

The genuineness of these UGC shoppable galleries helps visitors drive inspiration, and they find this content more relatable than any other website content.

Provide On-spot Product Use Cases

It is a consumer behavior to look for product or brand reviews before making any purchase decisions online. These reviews work as the most reliable source for them during online shopping.

When you create UGC campaigns on Shoppable Instagram and bring them to your ecommerce website in the form of shoppable UGC galleries, you provide your visitors with real-life experiences of their peers, which influences them towards conversion.

Moreover, UGC shoppable galleries are inspirational, as they give the consumers exactly what they want: on spot product use cases so that they don’t have to look around for reviews before buying the products they are interested in.

Offer A Friction-free Purchase Journey

Shoppable Instagram and UGC campaigns have to be the ultimate friction-free online purchase journey as it captivates, inspires, and builds authenticity leading to a smooth purchase path.

When visiting an ecommerce store with shoppable Instagram and UGC, visitors no longer have to go through the entire product catalog. They can simply engage with the Shoppable Instagram to explore the brand’s product.

Not just that, the user-generated content act as a trust-building factor for the visitors, eliminating the review-hunting step and influencing the consumer to directly hit the “buy now” button. Besides, the shoppable Instagram comes with clickable and buyable tags that enable direct purchasing from the Shoppable Instagram. Sounds friction-free, doesn’t it?

Encourage More UGC From Customers

Internet and social media work in a way that users influence each other’s posting patterns. User-generated content is among the common examples of this pattern as one consumer inspires the other to post their experiences around a brand.

To add to that, when you showcase captivating UGC from shoppable Instagram on your website, you make your customers your brand ambassadors and make them realize how important your views are for them.

When your other customers come across the Shoppable Instagram on your website, watching their peers, they become interested in posting for your brand and your product, giving you more content for your UGC campaign on Shoppable Instagram.

Let’s Call It A Wrap!

Creating and publishing shoppable Instagram and UGC campaigns on your ecommerce or online store can drive sales, inspire users, and enhance the shopping experience by enabling socializing along with shopping.

So? It’s time to collect all that UGC and turn your Instagram business account into Shoppable Instagram, as all those potential sales are waiting for you!

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