Seven Branding Tricks To Make Your Business Stand Out

To succeed online or in business generally for that matter, you need a brand. It’s not enough to simply start spamming the web with content; you need to ensure that you have thought about who you want to be when your brand grows up. Getting your branding right helps to introduce your company to potential new customers, telling them clearly who you are, and the services you offer.

When considering the elements of your brand, it is also important to think about

    • Awareness – how you are going to raise awareness of your company
    • Interest – how you are going to introduce an increasing number of potential customers to your products and services,
    • Conversions – how you are going to turn potential customers into paying customers, and
    • Evangelists – how you are going to cement the loyalty of those who come across you.

7 Branding Tricks to Make Your Business Stand Out

Seven Branding Tricks To Make Your Business Stand Out

As you can gather, branding is very important for any business, whether you’re a new entrepreneur or heading up an already established brand. The impact of a strong brand can be profound and profitable. Ultimately, a strong brand will create many more opportunities for you and will mean that every aspect of your business helps to strengthen every other aspect.

With this in mind, here are seven branding tricks to make your business stand out, no matter whether your company is an offline brick and mortar or an online app. Every niche can use these branding tricks!

1. Cover the basics.

Make sure your branding clearly expresses who your business is. Before you worry about creating show-stopping graphics, make sure you have the basics right. Your brand identity needs to fit your business. Your name, logo and slogan should work together to express who you are and what you do at a quick glance. This introduces you quickly to a new customer and communicates who are you, and what services you offer, even if a potential customer reads nothing else.

2. Keep it simple.

Don’t get carried away with creating a lot of graphics or filling marketing copy with jargon or wordplay. If your product or service is not technical in nature, there’s a good chance that your intended audience will not understand industry jargon. The same goes for “cute” wordplay. Using flowery language as filler will likely confuse your audience. Instead, aim to keep things simple and clear, so any potential customer can understand your brand at a glance, rather than creating a confusing brand that is off-putting.

3. Focus on your customer.

Create everything with your target customer in mind. Whatever branding you’re creating, from choosing a slogan to designing a product brochure, make sure that your target customer is at the forefront of the planning. Work out exactly who your target customer is, and speak to them. For example, if you’re aiming a digital product at millennial early adopters, there’s no point in designing a brand that appeals to an older market.

4. Remember your why.

Remember why your business was set up in the first place. Regardless of the products and services the business offers, remember why the business was formed, beyond making a profit. Keeping the company WHY at the heart of your branding choice will help you create brand work that will fit the culture of the company, appeal to your customer and make them trust you.

5. Keep content consistent.

Consistent content will help to solidify the brand in the eye of your audience. From the visuals to the tone and language used, all of your content should have the same voice. A content automation service like can help you to create templates for all your content, and manage it correctly, from planning presentations to distributing business documents. Automation keeps things consistent every time.

6. Tailor content to suit the platform.

Create tailored content for each platform that you use for marketing. If you’ve invested a lot of time and work into creating content like slogans or marketing graphics, it can be tempting to just copy and paste the same content it across all platforms. However, you might find it more effective to tailor the message to each platform and marketing tool. In this way, you may speak to the slightly different audiences who use each platform. For example, people who engage with a direct mail advertisement, are likely to be quite different to those who engage with your brand on social media.

7. Think about the future.

Finally, it can be difficult to imagine how your branding will look in five or even ten years. Any brand pieces you create, from business name to logos, have to work for your business for years to come. Stay away from designing a brand that is too reliant on current trends, as this will look dated in a much shorter time than a more classic set of branding.

Bottom Line

Creating a consistent brand for an online business is a highly effective way to get more customers and clients, to increase awareness of your organization and to generally propel yourself to new heights. Use these seven branding tips to convey your message and make your business stand out.

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