Miss Kemya Likes: Sacred Lotus Love Company Review

You ever buy something that makes you just woosah? Like, a purchase that you just smile when you think about? Meet a couple of my recent luxury purchases that make me smile every time I use them.

Meet the Company: Sacred Lotus Love

Sacred Lotus Love® is like my new best friend company. The Founders, Peter and Carmen, have created a company behind the premise of presence and connection. Their products and stellar customer service are clearly designed with delivering calm presence and connection to every customer. From packaging to follow up, every interaction speaks to delivering a tranquil yet transformative product and experience to me. Ok, it feels like it’s just for me!

First, because I never leave home without my sippy cup.

My first purchase was the Sacred Lotus Tea Tumbler, which is absolutely beautiful! It came wrapped like a loving present, and the cylindrical packaging is designed to prevent breakage. It actually looks gift wrapped, so if you’re thinking about gifting this, go for it!

The double wall glass bottle is not only functional, it’s so much healthier than the plastic alternatives, which is part of the reason why I wanted this specific tumbler. The bamboo lid is easy to wash, and it’s perfect for my daily fruit waters. In addition, it includes a strainer, perfect for loose teas! It’s a good serving size, and since I never leave home without a beverage, the travel cozy lessens my anxiety about breaking the glass.

It even comes with an instructional guide so that you know how to lift the strainer out, clean the product, and take care of it. It is super easy to clean, since everything comes apart.

But I have to say, my favorite thing of all is the gorgeous zen-like etching on the glass. The design aesthetic of this tumbler is incredible, it’s just my style. I’ve been using this tumbler EVERY SINGLE DAY since I got it!


Second, because I’m a writer.

So I started with the Lotus Tea Tumbler, and after seeing the Sacred Journal on the website, I knew I had to have one! I have officially upleveled my journal game!  I’m a writer and illustrator, and I love pen and paper and journals. So I ordered the unlined version of the journal because I write and doodle in the same space.

*cue angels singing* No exaggeration, the Sacred Journal is on literally a whole different level. It is a leather journal with perfect stitching, I mean PERFECT stitching, on the exterior in the pretty, intricate design. It comes with five notebooks, and the notebooks are each individually stitched into the leather journal and it comes with two satin ribbons for you to keep your place. This makes the notebooks easy to flip through. And, you can categorize and sort as opposed to having one super duper big journal that you have to section off yourself. This makes it actually functional for those of us who take tons of random notes for home, work, business, kids, etc.

sacred lotus journal blog pic 01

I tell you, when I opened the box and smelled the leather, I was like a wooooosaaaahhhh. When I looked at the leather, the quality of the paper and the quality of the stitching, I was truly impressed with the level of craftsmanship. Yes, I am persnickety about such things. It’s the little things that separate average products from luxury must-haves.

Even the closure is not your typical closure; it’s a wraparound tie closure and it’s something so zen and modern and sleek about it. The journal comes with a separate, detached pen holder, and then you wrap the whole thing up into a neat little bundle. I am officially spoiled with this journal.

Third, because sharing is not an option. 

I already ordered another different Tumblr for my husband, because he needed to add some luxurious sipping to his day, too. Besides, I couldn’t share mine if I was using it all day, right? I got him a different tumbler; his is the Love Bamboo Tea Tumbler Thermos, with a strainer as well. Now, when I first ordered it for him, he thought it was nice looking and totally unnecessary. So I washed it and stuck it in the cabinet, knowing he’d eventually be curious enough to use it.

Well, he saw me using my tumbler every day and finally decided to give it a try. Yeah, he gets it now, and he loves it! So we’re both hooked on these tumblers. This is who we are now. Two fancier pants!

sacred lotus love blog pic 01
Pictured: (left) The Love Bamboo Tea Tumbler Thermos with Infuser + Strainer 511ml and (right) The Lotus Glass Tea Tumbler Infuser Bottle & Strainer for Loose Leaf, Herbal, Green Tea, Coffee or Fruit Water Infusions. 450ml

Final Thoughts

The attention to product detail is impeccable. And I am a sucker for packaging! Sacred Lotus Love® products are packaged so pretty, it’s like giving a gift to yourself. You’ll see, the boxes are thoughtfully packed with care. If you want to give yourself a gift, order from this company. Needless to say, it makes for a lovely gift for someone else.

Did I mention, the cylindrical canisters that house the tumblers are reusable? I am currently using mine for storage. The writing on the canisters is metallic, so they look like decor. Yes, decor. They look great sitting pretty much anywhere!

Miss Kemya

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