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Ask many entrepreneurs, particularly solopreneurs and micro business owners, what their biggest challenge is, and the will often say “time.” Time to get the work done. Time to plan. Time to connect with prospects. Time to do a myriad of tasks they can rattle off.

Time is the number one challenge for small businesses and I feel your pain. Have you ever uttered…

  • “I don’t have enough time to get it all done.”
  • “I need more time to do what’s really important.”
  • “My plate is full.”

The question is, do you really need MORE time? Or do you need SYSTEMS to Reclaim Your Time and Reclaim Your Control?

Reclaim Your Time with Systems Summits Oct 23-24


Meet the Systems Summits team of industry experts, who will efficiently show you the Why, What, and How to maximize your TIME and EFFECTIVENESS.

We value time too! In 2 days learn from 17 speakers in 34 sessions about the tools, the mindset, the strategies.

Systems Summits Oct 2020 speakers

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The summit is completely free to attend, but there are 2 ways to increase the value.

  1. SS ALL-ACCESS VIP PASS: lifetime access to all sessions and invite to the TPF Community group + great bonuses.
  2. SUMMIT CLUB:  includes all VIP features plus I year membership which means lifetime access to the next 4 summits and much more.


This is not another virtual event where everyone spends time talking about how wonderful they are, instead of providing the actionable content they promised. We’re doing things different over here!


KemyaScott_Systems Summits Oct 2020

So what am I speaking on? Social media, of course!

Here’s the description for my presentation, entitled: Don’t Piece Together Your Social Media Strategy with Duct Tape.

Has social media become your only source of marketing? Have you cast aside a formal marketing plan, and jumped 100% onto the “social media as marketing” bandwagon? If so, do you have a social media strategy?

It is important to remember that social media should be a part of your overall marketing strategy. Which means you still need to define a strategy, define metrics, and determine whether your social media activity is actually producing results.

Attend this brand-spankin new presentation to learn:

    • Why content is only a piece of the social media puzzle
    • How to define social media goals
    • How to create and curate content that resonates with your fans
    • What engagement really means (hint: it’s more than likes)
    • Why ads are not the answer to social media sales
    • Key metrics used to identify success

Attend “Don’t Piece Together Your Social Media Strategy With Duct Tape” to create a plan for using social media that generates the results you want. Whether you’re new in business, or you’ve been using social media for years, if you are not generating the results you want, you need to attend this presentation to create a stronger social media game plan!

So click here to register for the Systems Summits, and I’ll see ya there!

Miss Kemya

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