Post This Kind of Social Media Content To Get Eyeballs and Engagement

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or a just a simple kid looking to start up a little project, you’re going to need to have a bunch of factors working in your favor.. This includes your social media content. It doesn’t matter how much pedigree you have in this game; taking care of the fundamentals will land you in a very good spot. The practical side in terms of working on your product or service is obviously important, but you also need to market yourself if you want to hook people in and keep them on board.

When you’re trying to get attention and eyes on your business or project, you’re constantly thinking of different ways to get people interested in what you have to offer. If you open your mind a little and allow the creativity to flow, you’ll realize that there are an almost endless amount of ways you can attract people and market yourself. You just have to look at some of the most successful marketing campaigns of the past to get the kind of understanding needed.

Post This Kind of Social Media Content To Get Eyeballs and Engagement

Post This Kind of Social Media Content To Get Eyeballs and Engagement

Social media is a massive player in the marketing game these days. Not only is it something that lots of people are viewing at any given time, but many businesses are using it as their single marketing platform. It was once a small platform for people to share things; it’s now a global phenomenon where everyone frequents, and everything happens! That said, it’s obviously going to be a fantastic outlet if you’re looking to promote yourself or your business.

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Over the past decade, individuals and businesses alike have been vying for attention by creating all kinds of content online. If you can crack the social media content code, you’ll be on your way to success in no time. People are attracted heavily by what’s on their screens these days. If you can provide entertainment or thinking material for potential leads and stakeholders, then you’ll be in a good position going forward.

What kind of things can you post online that can get people talking about something?

What can you say that will make people discuss you?

How can you get people interested in what you have to offer?

Well, there are a few ways you can go, as we mentioned earlier. There are certain types of social media content that most people gravitate towards. Here are some examples of what people tend to engage in.

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Simple Stuff

Imagine you’re looking online for something or you’re scrolling through social media. If you’re not exactly the most clued-in person about a particular subject, what are you going to be more interested in reading: a simple text that’s easy to process, or an in-depth explanation? You’re probably going to gravitate towards the basic one, aren’t you? Well, that kind of thing should be applied to social media marketing a lot of the time.

People are always aimlessly scrolling through their feeds and timelines. If they see something you’ve written, they’ll be more inclined to continue reading if it’s something that can process easily. Lots of keywords and smart phrases are important if you’ve already got the people on board – smart lingo is attractive, after all. If you want to get new people, however, then you’re going to need to make fundamental stuff. If people are able to understand what you’re saying, then they’re probably going to listen more and believe you. It sounds pretty dumb, but that’s how our minds work. This kind of thing happens in all walks of life!

What kinds of simple posts are there, you ask? Well, things like one-lined posts. Short sentences. Basic information. Lists. You get the idea. Snappy stuff that people will lock onto straight away.

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Video Content

This is very similar to the idea of posting simple stuff because videos are very simple for people to latch onto. Our brains enjoy video content; we put little-to-no effort into it! We simply sit and watch – the information falls into our heads almost by accident. Video content has become more and more popular due to the realization that people lap it up. Sometimes it seems like every social media post by a business tends to be supplemented with a video (or followed up by one). Video content is also great because it allows a business to get a little more personal with the potential customer or client – the relationship goes beyond just words on a screen or pictures on a page.

If you’re not exactly a great videographer or choreographer, then you don’t have to panic. A lot of basic videos are still great in terms of attracting eyes and visitors to your website. If you want higher quality, however, then there are heaps of video marketing firms out there like that you can work with. They’ll not only get the cinematography right, but they’ll also know different psychological and marketing techniques.

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Ponderous Posts That Look For Interaction  

People like being involved in certain situations – even if they’re pretty shy, anxious, or introverted. Sitting around doing nothing isn’t something the brain handles very well. We all need to be involved with some kind of activity. Have you ever scrolled through your social media feed, or checked out a video, and been asked to click an answer to a poll? You answer it pretty much every time, right? Even if you don’t really know what the question even meant? When a person sees an opportunity to take part or interact, they’ll invariably go through with it. That said, try creating something that’ll pique the interests.

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Trending Topics

This is kind of a no-brainer really, huh? If you’re staying up to date, and tuned into the biggest trends with your posts, then you’re going to get a lot more eyes on your stuff. If you stick with a quiet section of society, then you’re going to get fewer interactions and views. It’s pretty simple, right? Luckily, we can see what’s trending online because the social media platforms tell us what’s being talked about.

Look for the biggest news stories – they’re usually loaded with comments from people looking to start conversations. The latest gossip in the world is also something that lots and lots of people really share about. If you can wedge yourself firmly into this kind of thing, then you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank of attention.

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Memes are basically jokes that are related to a certain subject. They’re kind of niche due to the fact that, if you’re not online or tech-savvy, you’re not going to have a clue what they mean. You could show a computer-illiterate person a meme, and they’ll probably stand there stone-faced. When something big happens in the news or something significant happens in the world, there will usually be memes all over Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If you can create something amusing, then people are going to want to see what else you have to say.

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This is similar to the idea of the posts that make people interact. If you present people with an opportunity to win something, then their interests are going to be piqued. This is especially true if they have to put little-to-no effort in to win! Competitions aren’t something you can run all the time because you have a business to run. However, they are a great way to get people talking about you. They’ll constantly be checking on your page(s) to see updates. They might even become interested in interacting more!

Cute Content

We’re a sensitive bunch. We like seeing happy and cute content on our timelines and feeds. Again, you shouldn’t flood social media with the same stuff over and over again, but a cute picture would lighten the mood every now and again. Animals, babies, cute families – you name it; it’ll probably work!


Posts That Tease  

When you think of content that teases people, you probably think of clickbait. Clickbait is the new norm whereby a title promises way more than the page actually has! It works, but it’s seen as pretty underhanded, especially when it’s used for pretty devilish reasons. This isn’t about clickbait, though. If you can create a post that starts well and attracts attention, then leaving the rest until a later date might get people talking about it. Perhaps they’ll discuss what’s to come; the anticipation might keep people’s mind on it, ad keep the engagement going.

Inspirational And Positive Stuff

We all need a bit of positivity in our lives, don’t we? The world is constantly filled with challenges and problems, so a brighter side would be lovely every now and again. Social media is often covered in the news (which is pretty much always negative) and gossip (which never ends well), so throwing some good stuff online is always a welcomed practice.

Positive posts are often ones that encourage others to follow their dreams or to enjoy moments. Many might see them as cringe-worthy, but they’ll often cheer somebody up. If people feel positive when they see your brand or your post, then they’re going to be very attracted to you going forward.

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There you have it, a slew of different ideas for your next posts. Use these kinds of posts to get more eyeballs on your social media content, and you will likely see a rise in your follower counts and engagement rates.

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